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Dear 3-K For All Families,                                                                                                            November 1, 2020


For the month of November, we will focus on the concept us.

Students will participate in the following center activities:

Science:   Students will be given natural objects such as, rocks, leaves of different colors, minerals, pinecones, paper, pencils, crayons and magnets. Children will be invited to sort items by color, size and texture. Children will be able to become familiar with all material and learn how to clean up all material at the end of each activity.

Math: Students will be encouraged to explore different table toys and manipulatives such as bristle blocks, unit blocks, tiles, sticks and connectors. Children will be asked to sort items by color, size, shape and texture. Children will be encouraged to use table toys to build their families and themselves and sort the different block colors and shapes.

Writing: Practice identifying and writing words that pertain to us such as: buddy, care, cheer, close, comfort, community, encourage, help, others, pal, us, you.

Literacy: Daily Read Aloud activities include:

Little Humans By Stanton

Everywhere Babies By Susan Meyers

The Importance of being 3 By Lindsay Ward

Play With Me By Michelle Lee

Lets Go for a Drive By Mo Willems

City Block By Christopher Franceschelli

I Wrote You a Note By Lizi Boyd

Please, Baby, Please By Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis Lee

I’ll Wait, Mr. Panda By Steve Antony

Library: Students will select books that revolve around the concept us.

Blocks: Students will be invited to use various types of blocks. Students will explore how the blocks feel and look compared to the other blocks in the center. Students will be encouraged to use blocks to build themselves and their families and will be asked a variety of questions.

Art:. Students will be asked to create pictures of their families and feelings using various mediums such as crayons, colored pencils, stickers and markers. Students will be encouraged to discuss what they have created with their classmates.

Family Engagement:

Please join us every Wednesday for our Virtual School Meeting. We will discuss our weekly activities, class schedule and answer any questions or concerns that you may have at this time.

Family Activities:

Over the course of the program year children will bring home a variety of projects and materials they created. All families are encourages to have a conversation with their child about the piece, taking a picture of the art work, placing the work in a binder, album, box, or hanging work on the wall and sharing key ideas pertaining to their creation.

Prompting Questions:

  • How did you like this month of school?
  • What did you learn about your classroom and school building?
  • Do you have a favorite center?


Ms. Barreca


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