5th grade week of 5/13 to 5/17


5/14…N.U.T. Day 

5/16… Trip…Please wear gym uniform.  Bring a small breakfast in for the morning.  We will eat a small breakfast before leaving for the trip. Students may bring money for the souvenir shop if we are allowed to go in.

5/17…Professional Day

Spelling Words:  clothes. January, cereal, mortal, lunar, atlas, ocean, salute, fury, echo, cycle, cyclone, gigantic, Olympics, territory, terrace, parasol, fortune, furious, gracious, suspect, inspect, mission, jovial, venerable


Monday – pg 206

Tuesday – pg 209

Wednesday – pg 210

Thursday – pg 212


Monday – write words 3 times each.

Tuesday – pick 15 words and put them into sentences

Wednesday – pgs  164-165

Thursday – pgs 166-168


Tuesday –  pg 71

Thursday – pg 73

5th Science:

Wednesday pg 195

6th Science:

Monday – worksheet…Due 5/15

Wednesday – worksheet…Due 5/16

7th Science:

Tuesday – worksheet…Due 5/16