K111 Homework   September 23-27 

Hello Parents! 

This week we will be focusing on Good Deeds. We are having a Good Deed challenge and reach 40 good deeds in a week.

This week in ELA, we will begin making predictions and analyzing fiction stories.

In Math, we will be learning about 3D shapes, such as cylinder, cone, sphere, cube, and rectangular prism.

In Religion, we will continue to learn that God made the sun, the moon, and the stars above us.

In science, we will continue learning about engineers solving problems and solutions. 

In Social Studies, we will continue practicing different activities regarding community heroes.

Kind Regards, Mrs. Savaille



*Math Test Monday 9/23*- CH 1 

*Spelling Test on Friday 9/27* – The, Can, To, In, He  (Not graded)

This week’s homework:


  • Spelling: Write or dictate 5 sentences using the words: The, Can, To, In, He in your notebook
  • Write about one good deed you can do this week to spread kindness!


  • Spelling: Write or dictate 5 rhyming words for each spelling word.

•    Math: Workbook p. 18



  • Spelling: Write or dictate a short story using each word (The, Can, To, In, He) in your notebook

•    Math: Workbook p.19



•   Spelling: Complete at home practice spelling test for each word (The, Can, To, In, He)

•    Math: Workbook p.20