About Us

St. Helen Catholic Academy is committed to providing a quality Catholic education to our children.

Our goal is to nurture them spiritually, academically and socially.

Our teacher are dedicated educators who strive to instill in each student a desire to live the Gospel message.

Mission Statement

Our students, the adult Catholics of the 21st century, will possess the skills, attitudes, and values necessary to be contributing members of society.  Their deep reverence for all God’s creations will lead them to share their gifts and talents in promoting a sense of respect, dignity, and equality for all, especially for the poor and needy.  Their strong belief in the providential love of God will enable them to face the challenges and responsibilities associated with this complex technological age.


We, at St. Helen Catholic Academy, welcome the children God has entrusted to our care.  Our goal is to nurture our children spiritually, strengthen them morally, and support them in their academic, social, physical, and emotional growth.  A supportive and challenging environment for the development of each child is provided, as well as the encouragement of self-motivation and self-discipline in all areas.

In our community of faith we strive to prepare our students to live the Gospel message to “love one another” in word and deed.  Our daily prayer encourages the formation of a personal relationship between students and God.

Teachers are given the opportunity to share ideas and make suggestions in a professional atmosphere.  Teachers strive to support parents in the education of their children through open channels of communication.  Our board, Home Academy Association, parents, faculty, and administration work together for the benefit of our students.

At St. Helen Catholic Academy, the Academy Board, principal, faculty, and staff form a cooperative and respectful working environment.  We understand, encourage, respect, and support one another.  At faculty meetings, we are an informed body.  We assess the present and the future needs of our students.  Our ultimate goal is for each student to achieve his or her best according to their potential.  Our caring, family atmosphere is a positive model for the children to emulate.