Posted on March 20, 2020

 Ms. Bagdziunas. has an art challenge for everyone in grades 3 to 8 this week!

Objective: Draw from Observation. Please look around your home and pick out three different objects to draw.

Draw three (3) things from observation. “Observation” means you are looking and studying something carefully with your sense of sight. The verb form is to “observe”. 

The minimum is three- if you wish to draw more, please do!

Here are some ideas for models- your favorite toy or stuffed animal, flowers, a hat, shoes, your bike, a clock, houseplants, your family member’s mug, jewelry, a chair, fruit, a statue, the lamp in your bedroom… anything in front of you that you would like to draw! (*Please nothing violent though! No guns or weapons.)

Choose a pencil or pen, and draw on any type of paper you have The drawings can be black, gray, and white. You don’t have to add color unless you want to.

Look carefully at the models you chose to draw. Observe the details and do your best to draw what you see. Take your time, give yourself at least 10 minutes per drawing, with breaks in between. 

Why is this good to do? Drawing what you see in front of you helps you to draw better and is good for your hand and brain. You will notice things you did not notice before. Also your drawings from your imagination will improve!

Hang on to your three drawings, and put a date on the bottom of each page. Don’t lose them, keep them in a sketchbook or art folder. Stay tuned for instructions on how to show Ms. Bagdziunas. 

Any questions can be sent to abagdziunas@sthelencatholicacademy.org

Have fun with this week’s challenge!

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