Weekly News Grade 4

This week is filled with fun activities.  Each child was asked to perform a farewell skit for their classmates and teachers. We will be sharing favorite family recipes and each student has the opportunity to teach a lesson to their peers.  On Wednesday the diocese has  prepared a Virtual Field Day for your enjoyment.  These activities are optional, however classes attendance on Monday and Tuesday is not.

I want to thank you all your support. kindness and love this year.  Thank you  for sharing your beautiful children with me, I really enjoyed them and I will miss them.       Have a nice summer and stay well!  God Bless you all, Mrs. D’Alessandro







Weekly News and work for 6/8

This week we will be continuing our work in measurement and multi-step word problems. In Science we will be exploring fossils and rock layers.  For Social Studies we will finish Ch. 12 and begin to learn more about the Constitution. In  ELA we will be learning about snowflakes and poetry.

Assignments are posted in each  subject on Google Classroom.

Have a nice week!!

Weekly News and Homework fro 6/1 to 6/5 4th Grade

This week we will discover some important things about N.Y. happening today.  In  Math we continue working on Customary and Metric Units of measure. In Science we will explore other factors  change the Earth’s surface. During  Religion we will complete our study on the 10th Commandment and discover ways to  follow this commandment.  In ELA we will read another story that teaches us important ways to solve problems.



No additional assignments this week.  Please be sure you make up any past work that you have missed and continue to complete your classwork each day.

Be sure to read for at least 30 minutes daily.

Please check each subject daily on Google Classroom for classwork and assignments that need to be submitted for a grade.

Stay safe and have a wonderful week.

Weekly News and assignments for 5/26-5/29

This week we begin to work on the 10th Commandment in Religion and about the president’s responsibilities in S.S.  In Science we continue to learn about how the surface of the earth changes over time.  In  Math we begin work on the customary system of measure.  In Reading we will begin Unit 6.  Have a nice week and stay safe.

Assignments are posted on Stream in Google classroom.

Please submit all assignments to be graded especially tests, quizzes and projects.

Please submit  Chapter 11 Test in SS, Chapter 14 Test in Math, and book report for month of May.  All are due to be submitted by 5/29.

Please follow all directions posted in Google classroom.

Weekly News and Assignments 5/18-5/21

This week we will continue working on solving equations in Math.   In Science, we will be coming to the end of our Life Science Unit and having our last test in Unit 5.  In  Religion we are discovering ways to have a” Pure Heart”.   Our S.S  focuses on National, State and Local government.  Please continue to read each day for at least 30 minutes.   Thank you for all your help at home and have a wonderful week.             Mrs. D’Alessandro


H.W. Assignments:

Book Report due 5/28

Science- Test check on Google classroom for pages 343, 346 and 347

ELA Please complete Daily Practice, Grammar and Spelling for Next story “Adeline’s Whales”.   ELA Test due 5/21  check google classroom.

Assignments for 5/11-5/15 and Weekly News

Weekly News:

I hope everyone enjoyed my phone call/text sent to you on Friday.  It was so nice to speak to you and to discuss how your child is progressing this term.

This week we are ending chapters in most subjects.  We will review the material,  so they can complete their test with ease.  We will begin the next chapters by the end of the week.  In Math we will begin to work on Equations and in Science we  study animal senses.  The class has been enjoying writing about  topics which the student’s suggest.  They share their stories during meeting time. I am looking forward to another fun week!! Thanks again for all your help at home.   Stay happy and safe,  Mrs. D’Alessandro

Assignment due 5/14              Please submit all work on Google classroom  (except ELA)

Science      pages 321 to 323

Math      Chapter 13 Test page in Textbook

S.S.     pages 274-275  1-20

Religion    pg 230

 ELA       Complete all W.B. pages for Coral Reef Story. ( D.P, Spelling and Grammar)  Skill practice, please do not submit this work.

Homework and Weekly News 5/4=5/8

Weekly News

Our class is doing terrific in all subjects.  I am so proud of the work the students are doing each day during class time.  They are responsible and diligent. The homework is also done well and submitted in a timely manor. Keep up the fine work!!

This week in Math we are finishing Decimals  and in Religion we begin the 8 th Commandment.  Science classes are focused on the internal systems of animals and in S.S. we begin learning about  N.Y. during the early 1900s. We continue to read and write each day on a variety of subjects. Have a nice week and stay well.   Mrs, D’Alessandro


Assignments          5/4-5/8

Religion: 218-Ch. 18 Test  submit in Google classroom

Math  Ready W.B.  pages 200 -227

                              Submit only 206/207,216/217 and 226/227  in GC

S.S.  Complete pgs 250 and 251  1 to 20   submit GC

ELA Read pgs 599-607 in Reader.    Write a research report on A National Park of your choice.  Write one page report with cover and submit thru GC

                                                            Complete all Daily Practice W.B. for last 2 stories.  Do not submit this assignment–for practice only



Weekly News and Homework for 4/27-5/1 Grade 4

This week we begin our work on Animals in Science and in S.S. how N.Y grew in the early 1900.  In  Math we continue to master concepts with decimals. In Religion we begin work on the 7th Commandment and discover stories with the theme of greed/generosity.   In ELA we are working on Folktales  and theme.   I hope your family is fine and doing well. Have a nice week.                                                    Regards,   Mrs. D’Alessandro


H.W. Assignments for 4/27-5/1                                                                             

   Classwork is on Google Classroom Daily stream in each subject.  Please submit all H.W on google classroom or email photo.

Math         w.b.pages 271,272,273   

Science    One page report on animal of choice

SS.            One page report on the Statue Of Liberty

Reading   Read 572-591    Complete Question pg 591 questions 1-5 

Weekly Letter and Homework for 4/20-4/24

Welcome back!!  I hope everyone is rested and feeling fine.  This week we will be celebrating Earth Day on 4/22 and beginning to work on Decimals in Math.  We continue to learn our Commandments in Religion and practice reciting the Creed each day.  In SS we are going to begin to learn about the people who have made our state so great and about the many inventions discovered in the 1800’s.  We will be reading, researching and writing in most subjects.  In Science we will finish our unit on Plants and completing an assessment to show what we learned.  Please check each subject daily for classwork assignments which need to be submitted.  Have a peaceful and healthy week.    Mrs. D’Alessandro

Homework  4/20-4/24

Science-  Report and collage on Earth Day due 4/26,  Submit in Google classroom.  Please submit 1 page report on history and how you can help.  A collage displays words and pictures about Earth Day.

ELA- Read story and complete question 1-4 pg 563  due 4/24  Submit in G C

Math- Text pages 378 and 354.  Complete 1-10 on each page and submit in G C by 4/23.   This is one test grade.

Social Studies- Complete pages 228-229  Question 1-21  submit in G C by 4/22.  This is Chapter 8 Test grade

Religion- Chapter 16   pg 194 Test Answer 9/10 in a paragraph,  submit by 4/23 in G C  

Please check Google classroom for daily classwork assignments