Kindergarten Utilizing Mathletics Program

In computer lab Kindergarten students practice math applications using Mathletics Program.




Physical Education

Grades Kindergarten to Grade 3 have been doing volleyball striking activities with balloons.  Individual and with a partner simulating playing volleyball.  Activity enjoyed by all.


Grade 4 STEM Project

Fourth grade used their STEM knowledge to engineer ornament holders only using straws and tape.

Grade 3 Visits Immaculate Conception Center

Grade Three students visit Immaculate Conception Center in Douglaston.  Students enjoyed viewing a play entitled Noel, A Brooklyn Christmas Story performed by Stages on the Sound.  

Kindergarten Literacy

Kindergarten students after reading Simon and Molly Plus Hester by Lisa Jahn-Clough completed a worksheet on problem and solution.  This reinforced their understanding and depiction of the problem and solution that occurred in the story.

Student Council Food Drive

Student Council coordinated a Thanksgiving food drive.  St. Helen Catholic Academy families donated all items to the Queen of Peace Residence in Queens Village.