Staff CPR Training on Teacher Professional Day

The staff of St. Helen Catholic Academy received CPR training as part of their first professional day of the school year.  Led by Chief Jonah (West Hamilton Beach Volunteer Fire Department), the Teachers, Aides and Principal learned valuable CPR skills as well as instruction on the Heimlich maneuver to treat choking victims.  Staff members who passed the proficiency exam will be receiving full CPR certification.  It was a fun and valuable learning experience for all! 


Superintendent Visits St. Helen Catholic Academy

St. Helen Catholic Academy received a special treat when Deacon Kevin Mc Cormack (Diocesan Superintendent of Schools) visited the school on Monday, November 7th.  He toured the building and visited numerous classrooms, sharing thoughts with students on the values of our Catholic faith and the benefits of hard work in the classroom.  Deacon Kevin asked students numerous questions about their favorite class subjects and the qualities that make St. Helen a special.  He even joked with Class 4-204 about their favorite snacks from the cafeteria.
He left the building impressed by the enthusiasm of our students and efforts of our staff to support their studies and their faith. 

Rosary Rally

Approximately 300 students (Grades 1-8)  participated in the annual Rosary Rally on Friday, October 7th.  Following First Friday Mass, celebrated by Father Colamaria, the students joined parishioners in reciting the Rosary.  It was a blessed experience!


SHCA Playground Closure

The playground equipment in the school backyard is closed until a new surface is installed.  The current flooring is in need of repair and replacement and does not provide a safe and stable cushioned surface for our children.  We are looking to provide a new cushioned flooring that will be safe and allow our children full access to the equipment.

Thank you for your patience.  We will update you of our progress.