Physical Education

Grades Kindergarten to Grade 3 have been doing volleyball striking activities with balloons.  Individual and with a partner simulating playing volleyball.  Activity enjoyed by all.


Grade 4 STEM Project

Fourth grade used their STEM knowledge to engineer ornament holders only using straws and tape.

Grade 3 Visits Immaculate Conception Center

Grade Three students visit Immaculate Conception Center in Douglaston.  Students enjoyed viewing a play entitled Noel, A Brooklyn Christmas Story performed by Stages on the Sound.  

Kindergarten Literacy

Kindergarten students after reading Simon and Molly Plus Hester by Lisa Jahn-Clough completed a worksheet on problem and solution.  This reinforced their understanding and depiction of the problem and solution that occurred in the story.

FDNY Visit

FDNY classroom and smokehouse visit to St. Helen Catholic Academy, September 12th and 13th.


St. Helen Catholic Academy Awarded $90,000 STEM Grant

St. Helen Catholic Academy has been awarded a $90,000 Grant award from the Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Trust to equip a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Lab with research-grade equipment, furniture and curriculum resources designed by scientists and educators for PreK through grade 8 students. The curriculum integrates all the subjects of STEM and includes a career path exploration to peak students interest in STEM careers. All St. Helen Catholic Academy teachers will participate in on-going professional development to teach, enhance and integrate the STEM Lab program across the content areas.

Students will learn by performing and designing experiments while applying concepts to real-world problems. They will work collaboratively in an inquiry-based environment to develop their creative and critical thinking skills. Performance?based assessments, as well as written and oral discussions, measure student learning throughout all grade levels.

The current science lab in the cafeteria will be the location of our STEM Lab. The STEM Lab will be ready for our students in September 2017. We look forward to an investigative and exciting experience for our students.