December 10th-13th

Marvelous Monday – Feast of the Immaculate Conception observed.  School Closed.

Terrific Tuesday – Name writing worksheet and Christmas star letter i worksheet.

Wonderful Wednesday – Hibernation worksheet and building snowman hats letter worksheet.

*Library is tomorrow.  Please return your book if you would like to borrow a new one.

Thoughtful Thursday – Counting snowballs worksheet and gingerbread patterns review worksheet.

*We will not be having show and tell tomorrow due to the Christmas pageant.  Please wear red and dress your best.  No jeans, please.  I have gotten the children Santa hats to wear, as a little gift/surprise. =] As such, it might be easier to not dress the girls with big bows πŸ™‚

*The first show is at 12:30 pm.  12:30 pm dismissal students will go home after the show.  You are more than welcome to sign out full day students after the show if you are attending.  If not, regular dismissal, as always is 2:50 pm. πŸ™‚

*For the 6:30 pm show, please make sure your child is back at school by 6:15 pm. 

I cannot wait to see you all!

Fun Friday – Have an amazing weekend!

*Grinch Day is Monday!  Please wear green.

“Christmas is a together sort of holiday,” said Pooh.  “That’s my favorite kind,” said Piglet. -A.A Milne

December 2nd – 6th

Marvelous Monday – Name writing worksheet and Letter H worksheet

*Tomorrow is a half day due to report card conferences. All Pre-K classes will be dismissed 11:50.

*Please be aware of your report card conference time and try your best to be on time. I want everyone to get the time they deserve to discuss their little one πŸ™‚

Terrific Tuesday – Christmas delivery Letter H worksheet and Elf on the Shelf counting worksheet

Wonderful Wednesday – missing ornament counting worksheet and angel letter dot to dot worksheet.

*Tomorrow at 10 is our ornament craft and tree decorating activity that parents are invited to. Hope to see you there! 

*Library is tomorrow. Please bring in your book, if you would like to borrow a new one. 

Thoughtful Thursday – letter sound review worksheet.

*Gym is tomorrow. Please wear sneakers.

Fun Friday – Have a great weekend! 

“It’s the little things like decorating a Christmas tree – these are the memories that keep you happy.” – Leonardo DiCaprio

December Newsletter

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I cannot believe that it’s December already! Your little ones have grown so much already this year! It has been a great joy and privilege for me to watch their continued progress each day!

While November was a great month full of thanks, love, and learning, for your children, December promises to be just as great! As the birth of our savior and Christmas time quickly approaches this month, your little ones will continue to grow in their faith as they learn all about the true meaning of the holiday. We will also have our school Christmas pageant. I have no doubt that their performance will be one of the very best! We truly have some future stars in our class!

Additionally, some of the other concepts that will be introduced to your children this month will include the continued practice of handwriting skills, number counting, phonemics/letters, as well as all about snow, gingerbread men, hibernation, and how Christmas cards are sent.

As always if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me!


Ms. Aceste

Important Dates  

December 3rd – 11:50 Dismissal and Report Card Conferences

December 5th – Parents invited for Class Tree Decorating Activity: 10am 

December 6th – First Friday Mass: 9 am

December 9th – Feast of the Immaculate Conception observed: School Closed

December 13th – Christmas Pageant 12:30 pm and 6:30 pm (more info to follow)

December 19th – Gingerbread Activity (parents invited – notice to follow)

December 20th – Mass 9 am

December 23rd – January 5th – School recess. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

God, our Father, we pray that you protect our children. Keep them safe from harm and help them to grow healthy in mind and body. Give them strength to keep their faith in You and keep alive their joy in the birth of Jesus at Christmas time.”

November 25th-27th

Marvelous Monday – turkey number review coloring sheet and name writing worksheet.

*Confirmed report card time sheet is due tomorrow.

*Our Thanksgiving feast is tomorrow in class at 12:45. 12:30 dismissal students will stay to join in the fun.

Terrific Tuesday – Turkey letter review worksheet and create a float worksheet.

*Tomorrow is 11:50 dismissal. Since it is a short day, please only send in an am snack. Lunch and pm snack are not necessary.

Wonderful Wednesday – Enjoy the long weekend! Have a blessed and great Thanksgiving!

Please review: letters and sounds, as well as numbers and shapes.

*As there were some technical difficulties with the picture company, class pictures will be retaken Monday. Have your adorable little one ready to smile.


“There is always, always, always, something to be thankful for.”

November 18th-22nd

Marvelous Monday – name writing worksheet and helping hands worksheet.

Terrific Tuesday – balloon line tracing worksheet and oval worksheet

*Our Nick the Balloonatic in-school field trip is tomorrow.

Wonderful Wednesday  – letter sound review worksheet and balloon counting worksheet.

*Library is tomorrow. Please return your book, if you would like to borrow a new one.

Thoughtful Thursday – Wampanoag letter review worksheet and Pilgrim counting review worksheet.

*Gym is tomorrow. Please wear sneakers.

Fun Friday – Have a great weekend! 

*SHCA’s Family Fun Night: Children’s Paint Night is tonight.


“Life is like a balloon – if you never let yourself go, you will never know how far you can rise.” -Linda Poindexter

November 11th-15th

Marvelous Monday – Veteran’s Day: School Closed

Terrific Tuesday – name writing worksheet and letter g worksheet

*In your child’s folder tonight, you will also find our turkey disguise homework assignment and instructions. Since I want you to have fun with it and would love to be able to display them before the holiday, as stated on the instruction sheet, they are due Friday. Happy disguising!

*Picture Day is tomorrow

Wonderful Wednesday – turkey dinner sequencing worksheet and Thanksgiving how many worksheet

*Library is tomorrow. Please return your book, if you would like to borrow a new one =]

Thoughtful Thursday –   turkey feather counting worksheet and E-G letter review worksheet.

*Please bring in, draw, create, or print out something that begins with the letter G or is something the color brown for show and tell tomorrow.

*Gym is tomorrow. Please wear sneakers.

*$7 Nick the Balloonatic field trip fee is due tomorrow.

*Scholastic book club orders are due tomorrow, if you would like to order for your child.

Fun Friday – have a great weekend! 

“A little consideration, a little thought for others makes all the difference.” -Pooh Bear

November 4th-8th

Marvelous Monday – name writing worksheet and letter F worksheet. 

Terrific Tuesday – number 5 worksheet and rectangle worksheet.

Wonderful Wednesday – veterans matching a-f review worksheet and veterans vocabulary b-c review worksheet.

*Library is tomorrow. Please return your book if you would like to borrow a new one.

Thoughtful Thursday – Enjoy your long weekend! Please review A-F, 0-5, and begin to think about what you are thankful for. We will begin our Thanksgiving studies next week.

Fun Friday – No school – Have a great weekend and Happy Veteran’s Day! See you Tuesday! 

“Without heroes, we are all plain people and don’t know how far we can go.” -Bernard Malamud

November Newsletter

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

The candy has been collected, the costumes have been put away, and it’s time to say goodbye to October. However, just as your little learners have done the first few months of school, we will continue growing in God’s love, making great friendships, and having fun while learning many new concepts this month, as well!

During the month of November, some of the many topics covered will include the continued study of letter/sounds, number and number recognition, sequencing, saints, and veterans. We will also learn all about Thanksgiving. In doing so, we will discuss the first Thanksgiving, describe all the things we are each thankful for, and of course do many fun holiday crafts and activities!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. 


Ms. Aceste


Important Dates

November 1st – All Saint’s Day/First Friday Mass 9 am

November 8th – Professional Day: School Closed

November 11th – Veteran’s Day: School Closed

November 12th – Home Academy Meeting 7 pm

November 13th – Pre-K4 Individual and Class Picture Day

November 15th – Scholastic Book Club Orders due.

                                Nick the Balloonatic in-school field trip fee due.

November 20th – Nick the Balloonatic in-school field trip

November 22nd- Family Fun Night (Children’s Paint Night)

November 26th – Thanksgiving Feast (more info. to follow)

November 27th- Mass 9 am/ 11:50 Dismissal

November 28th-29th – School Closed. Happy Thanksgiving!

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.

1 Chronicles 16:34

October Science Fun

Bats, ghosts, and witches, oh my! Spooky Season brought with it a great deal of science fun for the little pumpkins in Pre-K4 109, as we studied these ghoulish creatures. 

In learning about bats and where they live we were able to work on our very important early STEM skills by creating our own bat homes.


After reading “The Goofy Ghost” we were able to predict which of four paper ghosts was the goofy one and would spin instead of float! 


Then we were able to channel our witchy powers by and create our own potion, by mixing ingredients and watching it bubble over! 


What a fun month four our 18 science loving ghouls and goblins!  

October 28th-November 1st

Marvelous Monday – Letter E worksheet and name writing worksheet.

*Pumpkin Patch is tomorrow. We are going at 9:15-9:30.

Terrific Tuesday – number/color review worksheet and positional/location words review worksheet.

Wonderful Wednesday – letter E dress up worksheet and shape review worksheet.

*Library is tomorrow. Please return your book, if you would like to borrow a new one. 

*The Halloween Parade is tomorrow at 9:30. I cannot wait to see everyone in their costumes!

Thoughtful Thursday –  Enjoy your Halloween!

*There is no show and tell tomorrow, due to First Friday/All Saints Day Mass and gym class.

*Please wear sneakers for gym tomorrow.

Fun Friday – Have an amazing weekend! 


“Halloween is not only about putting on a costume, but it’s about finding the imagination and costume within ourselves.” -Elvis Duran