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Each child has been invited to join Google Classroom for each subject.  Please check your child’s gmail account for invitations.  Emails have been sent to parent email accounts with specific instructions, usernames and passwords.  Please keep in mind that your child has been assigned a gmail account which gives them access to google classroom.  

Children should complete the assignments Days 1-7 that were sent home on Friday for this week, however please check google classroom for further instructions and reinforcement of this week’s lessons.  

Thank you for your support and patience during this transition to google classroom.


Thank you,

Mrs. Downing

Mr. Vogelsberg Newsletter 3/16

Mr. Vogelsberg

7th Homeroom

Middle School Social studies

                                                                 State of the Classroom Address 3/16 – 3/20

  Happy Monday, middle school!

            Congratulations, we all made it through our first school cleaning! Believe it or not, not this is not ‘the end of the world’. Quarantines and cleanings are actually a routine part of society and used to be much more common in the past than it is today. In fact, almost every year the cities of Philadelphia, Boston, and New York practiced self-quarantine and isolation to prevent diseases like yellow fever. It is something that is good for all of us, they help our society to continue to flourish and thrive. I encourage everyone to take this time to: rest, spend time with your family, stay healthy, and continue your education.

            As I’m sure most of you are aware, the learning has not ended simply because our situation has changed. You all will be taking a much more hands on approach to your learning for these coming weeks. The curriculum has remained the same, though you will not spend each day in a classroom. You are all still responsible for walking away from this year understanding the same material we’ve been working through all year thus far. Students will be focusing on:


5th – Continuing our unit on the 13 Colonies.

Tuesday, Wednesday– ‘A Visit to the Middle Colonies’ Worksheet and #1-4

Thursday, Friday – ‘Pilgrims and Puritans in Massachusetts’ and fill in the blanks.

Assignments will be posted to GoogleClassroom.


6th – Continuing our unit on the Middle Ages.

Monday and Tuesday – Read Textbook pages 548 – 555 then answer #1-6

Wednesday and Thursday – Read Textbook pages 556 – 563

Friday – Workbook pages 242-244 and workbook page 246 – 248.


7th – Continuing our unit on Westward Expansion.

Monday and Tuesday – Read Textbook pages 296 – 301 then answer #1-6

Wednesday and Thursday – Read Textbook page 302 – 307 then answer #1-5

Friday –  Workbook pages 150-152


8th – Beginning our unit on the ‘Roaring’ 1920s and the Great Depression.

Monday and Tuesday – Read Chapter 8 Lesson 1 and answer #1-6

Wednesday and Thursday – Read Chapter 8 Lesson 2 and answer #1-6

Friday – Workbook page 113-117

Writing 7 – Continuing our unit on Historical Fiction. Completed projects are expected to be completed by this Friday (3/20). Students will hand in these completed projects of the first return to school. Guidelines for the assignment will be posted again bellow.




This week we will start slow: read your textbooks on your own time, get the work done, and spend some time off your screens and read a book here and there. As of right now, the school is only closed from 3/16-3/20. However, things seemed to be changing on a minute to minute basis. The second I learn more, I will pass it along to my classes. If indeed we will be moving forward with a longer shut down, I will continue to develop my lessons and move into more complex home assignments.


For the being: each classroom has been set up with a ‘GoogleClassroom’. Students will need to sign into their school emails and accept the invites in their inboxes. Once they have done so, they will be able to keep up with the weeks assignments, and grades.

All work will be submitted through GoogleClassroom! For this week, I will expect that all social studies work assigned for the week to be summitted on the classes page by the end of the week.


If you have any concerns or questions you can always reach me at


Best regards,


Mr. Vogelsberg





The followings are the guidelines for 7th Grade Writing’s Louis and Clark journal project.




7th Grade Social Studies


For the next couple of weeks 7th grade will be creating journals from the perspective of Lewis and Clark’s adventures. You will be pretending to be apart of their caravan as they explore the wild west.  This will be a multi step process and will need to include the following:

  1. 1 Table of contents – at the beginning detailing what pages each section can be found on. 
  2. 8 written passages – Describe the major encounters of your adventure. Examples include: encounters with Native Americans, encounters with animals, dealing with the environment.  
  3. 5 sketches from your adventures – MUST BE HAND DRAWN. Like Lewis and Clark, you will be sketching the amazing discoveries you make along the way. They could be plants, animals, people, environments, or anything else you encounter on your journeys. 
  4. 1 map – Use the resources available to you to hand draw a map that shows the routes that Lewis and Clark took to reach the Atlantic Ocean. 
  5. 1 Supply List – describing the vast list of things that you will need to survive out in the wilderness. You may wish to include things like eating utensils, weapons, clothing, ect. 


Please feel free to ask any questions or turn in any work early to be evaluated and corrected prior to the assignments due date. 


Your final projects will be due on March 13th 2020


I encourage everyone to be as creative with this assignment as they want! 


Best regards,


Mr. Vogelsberg

Mr. Vogelsberg Homework and Newsletter 3/11-3/13

Hello again students and parents!

This week each class is continuing to dig into the units that we have established for March.


5th Grade – Continuing our Early American Colonies Unit.

Aim 1 – How is the United States governed?

Aim 2 – What is the difference between local and state governments?

Aim 3 – What are the differences between today’s governments, and the colonial governments?

Homework: None tonight


6th Grade – Continuing our unit on the Middle Ages

Aim 1 – How was medieval society organized?

Aim 2 – What were the societal roles of those in the Middle Ages?

Aim 3 – What difficulties did those in the Middle Ages have to overcome?

Homework: Workbook 10-2


7th Grade – Continuing our unit on Westward Expansion

Aim 1 – What were the results of the War of 1812?

Aim 2  – What was the impact of the Monroe Doctrine on American history?

Aim 3 – How did Andrew Jackson’s presidency change the United States?

Homework: Monroe Doctrine worksheet


8th Grade – Continuing our unit on World War I

Aim 1 – What were the goals of the European Powers at the end of the war?

Aim 2 – What were the goals of America at the end of the war?

Aim 3 – What did the Treaty of Versailles accomplish?

Homework: None tonight


Writing 7 – Continuing our unit on Historical Fiction

Students will be completing their fictional journal – imaging that they are apart of Lewis and Clark’s adventures to the Pacific Ocean. This assignment is due March 16th! We will be working on this assignment every day in class and will have the weekend to finish up anything they have left.


Religion 7 – How can we see God in the world around us?

Aim 1 – Seeing God in nature

Aim 2 – Seeing God in the universe

Aim 3 – Seeing God in each other

Homework this week: 3/9 to 3/13


  1. Reading Log-Read for 20 minutes; Parents initial

  1. Spelling- 3x’s each & ABC order

  2. Math-Workbook p. 79



  1. Reading Log-Read for 20 minutes; Parents initial

  2. Spelling- Sentences 1-5

  3. Math- worksheet 

  4. ELA- Grammar pp. 93 and 94



  1. Reading Log-Read for 20 minutes; Parents initial

  2. Spelling- Sentences 6-10 

  3. Math- workbook p. 80

  4. ELA- Grammar p. 95



  1. Reading Log-Read for 20 minutes; Parents initial 

  2. Spelling- Study for test

  3. Math- workbook p. 81

  4. ELA- Grammar p. 98



  1. Reading Log-Read for 20 minutes; Parents initial    

  2. Math- workbook p. 82

  3. Grammar- workbook p. 101 and 102


  1. Her

  2. Bird

  3. Fur

  4. Fern

  5. Dirt

  6. Burn

  7. Funny

  8. Penny

  9. Full

  10. Through


GRADE 5- MON. – Write the vocabulary word from pages 171-172 into the notebook giving the English translation.    WED.- Complete the chart on page 173-174 into the notebook.

GRADE 6- MON. – Write the Spanish expressions using the verb “tener” into the notebook from page 344.    WED.– Complete Activities O and P on pages 346 and 347. 

GRADE 7-  MON.- Study for the quiz on WED.      WED. – Complete Activity 13 on page 114.  Write out the whole paragraph and fill in the blanks.

GRADE 8- MON.– Complete the worksheet on direct object pronouns.     WED. – Complete the worksheet on conjugations of -ar verbs in the preterite tense. 

Mr. Vogelsberg homework 2/10-2/15

5th – Continuing our unit on the early American colonies.  This week we are focusing on the pilgrims and the New England colonies.

No home work tonight

6th – Continuing our unit on Ancient India.  The children will spend this week examining primary sources and preparing for an in class quiz on Thursday.  Students should also know the following vocabulary: Caste, Raja, Himalaya, Sanskrit, Monsoons, Buddhism, Brahman, Hinduism, and Siddhartha Gautama

No homework tonight

7th – Continuing our unit on the Constitution and the Federalist Era.  The children will have a quiz with an emphasis on examining DBQs.  Students should also know the following vocabulary:Anti-Federalist, Checks and Balances, Electoral College , Framers, John Locke, Executive Branch, Judicial Branch, Legislative Branch, and Enlightenment

Textbook page 261, # 5 – Due Wednesday

8th – Continuing our unit on Imperialism and the Progressive Era.  The children will have a quiz on the positive and negative effects of Imperialism with an emphasis on interpreting sources.

No homework tonight

Grade Four Homework for 2/10 and Weekly News

Weekly News

We will continue our work on State Test Prep.  for ELA and Math each day.








In Math we are working on fractions and word problems.  In Science we are learning about light and optics.  Social we will view video and write about the Revolutionary war.  Thursday and Friday we will be presenting our 100 day NY Project.  On Valentine day Mr Tudda agreed to have an Ice cream celebration for all the students who have worked so hard this year so far.  I am very proud of all my students Classwork, Homework and Test scores.  Keep up the wonderful work and be kind to all.                      Have a good week.     Mrs. D




Reading Write voc. sentence and read for 30 minutes.  No Journal for this week.

Math wb pg 105

Practice pgs.125 and 146

Buckle down  Pgs 111-121

Science test Wednesday


Tuesday TBA

Mr. Vogelsberg Homework 2/3-2/7

Social Studies – 2/6


5th – Continuing our unit on Jamestown and the first American colonies.

Finish Pocahontas assignment from class

6th – Continuing our unit on ancient India and it’s ideologies.


7th – Continuing our unit on The Constitution


8th – Continuing our unit on Imperialism and America’s rise to a world power.

Theodore Roosevelt worksheet


GRADE 5-  Complete the worksheet on making a sentence negative and changing statements to questions.

GRADE 6- Complete Activity C on page 251.  Write out Spanish and English meaning.

GRADE 7- Complete pages 26-27 in the workbook.

GRADE 8– Complete the worksheet handed out in class. 

Homework Week of 1/13

PreK-3 105 

Homework for the week of January 13-16 2020


Monday 1/13

  • Letter Kk Coloring Sheet
  • Please bring in a picture that starts with the letter Kk.


Tuesday 1/14

  • Letter Kk Tracing Sheet
  • Practice Counting #9 Sheet


Wednesday 1/15

  • Create your own Snowman Sheet 🙂 



1/17/20- Professional Development Day- School Closed

1/20/20- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day- School Closed


Thank you,


Ms. Castillo

Scholastic Class Code: V89ML