Classroom News Grade 4-205 Mrs. D’Alessandro

Upcoming Events Week of September 9, 2019

  • Sept. 11 Mass and Memorial Ceremony 9 A.M.
  • Class Orientation Home Academy meeting


  • Our week of learning will include some review of grade 3 skills in Reading and Math.  In  Math will began working on Numeration.  Students created a chart with 3 ways to name numbers up to 100,000.  We will be working on comparing whole numbers and number values this week.  These concepts can be found in Chapter 1.
  • Our Reading instruction will include strategies on analyzing story structure and  making inferences.  The students will work on the first story in our reader for vocabulary and spelling.
  • This week in S.S. will be working on the map of New York.  We will be reading Chapter 1 and define the vocabulary.  Students will trace and label the map.
  • Our Science work began with defining what technology means and how engineers make new ideas.  This week we will continue to work together in Chapter 1 to create new inventions.
  • In writing the students created their own selfie poster to introduce themselves to the class.  This week we will write about moving, including student generated lists and graphic organizers.


  • Please return all handouts.
  • Please send me the name of the person who will be picking up your child each day and their relationship.  Please list all possibilities.
  • Please check H.W. and sign each assignment.

                                            Have a nice week!

                                            Mrs. D