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Welcome to first grade.

Online Assignments for this week 3/30-4/3

Posted on March 30, 2020

Hello all! As always I hope you are healthy and safe. Please see the list below for this week’s assignments. In your email you will also find a suggested daily schedule! 🙂

ELA- Theme = or words, compare and contrast, opinion, synonyms & antonyms 

  • Reading Log 
  • Journal Entries
  • Spelling 3x’s each ABC order,  sentences 1-10 (scan/snap a pic and upload)
    • 1. Born 2. Cork 3. Horn 4. Corn 5. Fork 6. Pork 7. Barn 8. Arm 9. Know 10. Great
  • Practice Book p. 223, 228, 229, 231 (scan/snap a pic and upload)
  • Synonym and Antonyms Introduction
  • Stormy Weather Assignment:
    • Read PDF of “Stormy Weather”
    • Complete Venn Diagram on Practice Book p. 230 (scan/snap a pic and upload)
  • “Dangerous Storms” Passage Google Form
  • Fact or Opinion Edpuzzle
  • BrainPop Jr.: Facts and Opinions Assignment (Movie and Easy Quiz)
  • First Draft of Opinion Writing- What is the best season?

Math- Theme = plane figures, solid figures

  • 5 pages in Math workbook p. 95, 96, 98, 99, 100
  • Solid FIgures in Real Life Google Form
  • SplashMath Assignment (2D shapes, 3D shapes, place value numbers to 100, add 5 facts)

Science- Theme = How animals stay safe

  • Readworks Articles:
    • “How Animals Stay Safe”  (you DO NOT have to do the drawing)
    • “A Shell is Great for Protection  (you DO NOT have to do the drawing)
  • Animal Parts and Protection Edpuzzle
  • Science Mini Quiz-Google Form

Social Studies- Theme = Goods and Services

  • Readworks Article:
    1. All About Money (you DO NOT have to do the drawing)
    2. What is a Budget? (you DO NOT have to do the drawing)
  • Buying Goods For Family Fun Night Project
  • Invention Project (2 Parts)

Religion- Theme = the Church

  • Daily Questions (1 per day, Monday-Friday)
  • Read p. 132-133 (pages PDF will uploaded) and answer question
  • Read p. 134-135 (pages PDF will uploaded) and answer question
  • Read p. 144-145 (pages PDF will uploaded) and answer question
  • Read p. 146-147 (pages PDF will uploaded) and answer question
  • Read p. 148-149 (pages PDF will uploaded) and answer question
  • Complete Google Form Quiz (makes sure you read everything before taking the quiz)

School Closure Work

Posted on March 16, 2020

Hello First Graders and Parents,

Below is a list of all the assignments included in the packet for this week (3/16-3/20):

Description of Assignments:

  • Social Studies
    • Bedroom Map Project (explanation attached in packet)
  • Science
    • Create Your Own Plant Project (explanation attached in packet)
    • Draw or create using craft/household items
    • Attach creation to construction paper to support any glued items
  • Math
    • Find the sum
    • Doubles Facts–Real life examples
    • Fact Families
    • Math Workbook Review pages: p. 268, p. 271, and p. 272
  • ELA
    • Opinion writing–Which bug is scarier?
    • Opinion writing– Would you rather have cats or dogs?
    • Opinion writing–What is your opinion on sharks?
      • Opinion sentence starters attached in packet
      • Responses should be at least 3 sentences!
    • Bossy r word searches
      • Please also review r controlled vowel words; practice reading, spelling, etc.
    • Cause & Effect– Cut and Paste
    • Cause & Effect– Chain Reactions
    • Cause & Effect– Graphic Organizer to Write Your Own
      • Read a book of your choice. Write 3 cause and effects from the story. Make sure you write the title of the book.
    • Grammar Workbook: p. 103, p. 104 and p. 105 (adjectives: words used to tell about/describe nouns)
  • Religion
    • Read and Draw Bible Verses
    • St. Patrick Questions
    • Think about and discuss your Lenten promise with your family

Please Note:

*check your email for the PDF version of this week’s assignments 

*make sure to check your email for an upcoming newsletter about more online assignments

Homework for this week 3/2 to 3/6

Posted on March 2, 2020

Homework 3/2/20-3/6/20


  1. Reading Log-Read for 20 minutes; Parents initial
  2. Spelling- 3x’s each & ABC order
  3. Math-Study for test


  1. Reading Log-Read for 20 minutes; Parents initial
  2. Spelling- Sentences 1-5
  3. Math- Study for test & workbook p. 76


  1. Reading Log-Read for 20 minutes; Parents initial
  2. Spelling- Sentences 6-10 
  3. ELA- Practice book p. 195


  1. Reading Log-Read for 20 minutes; Parents initial 
  2. Spelling- Study for test
  3. ELA- Practice book p. 196


  1. Reading Log-Read for 20 minutes; Parents initial    
  2. Math- workbook p. 77
  3. Grammar- workbook p.91 & 92



  1. Bumpy
  2. Puppy
  3. Funny
  4. Penny
  5. Sandy
  6. Bunny
  7. My
  8. Night
  9. Or
  10. Because 

Important Announcements for Next Week!

Posted on February 27, 2020
  1. Next Wednesday, we will have our chapter 5 math test.  Please see the study guide sent home over the weekend!  It will provide key concepts and practice questions for the students.
  2. Spring Pictures will be on Tuesday, March 3rd.  Uniforms are optional for this day.  All payments and orders should be sent in or completed online by March  3rd. 
  3. First Friday Mass will take place next week on March 6th @ 9:00 AM.  Families are always welcome to attend.
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