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Work 3/30-4/3

Posted on March 29, 2020


  1. Line Plots worksheet- upload photo
  2. Education City- “You Rule”
  3. Graphs Quiz- upload photos
  4. Mathletics- “How Full?” and “How Heavy?”
  5. Inches, Yard, Feet- #1-4- type in answers;
  6. Mathletics- “How long is that?” and “Inches, Feet, Yards”



  1. Watch and complete “Misty Stories” on EducationCity. Then read and complete Ready Wb. 174-175 ; Answer “What is Point of View?” question on Google Classroom.
  2. Vocabulary- Unit 9- pages 88-94
  3. Read and complete Ready Wb p. 176- 177. Upload a picture of the chart for number 1
  4. Complete Ready Wb pages 428-429. Upload a picture of the completed pages OR use a Google Docs to write the numbers and the correct answers.
  5. Read and complete Ready wb p. 178-179. Circle answers in book, but then type the letter answers for 1 and type your answer for #2 in the Google Docs
  6. Read Ready Wb p. 182-183. Complete page 184 #1-2. Post answers on the Google Docs or Upload a picture of page 184.
  7. Re-read Ready wb p. 182-183. Answer questions #3-8 on pages 185-186. Type out the answers.
  8. Read each night for 30 minutes. At the end of the week, answer the question posted.



  1. Complete the EducationCity Assignment “The Princess and the Pea”- make sure you watch the video part of the activity. This will give you an idea for the elements needed in a fairy tale. Then write your introduction paragraph for your fairy tale.
  2. First draft of your fairy tale due by Friday.



  1. Google Classroom questions
  2. Plants Quiz- Google Forms


Social Studies-

  1. Google Classroom readings and questions
  2. Line graphs- upload worksheet



  1. Wb p. 140; 146-149 Google Classroom assignments and questions
  2. Chapter 11 Test- upload photo of Wb p. 142

Ms. Lapidus Google Classroom Work 3/23-3/27

Posted on March 19, 2020

Each child has been invited to join Google Classroom for each subject.  Please check your child’s gmail account for invitations.  Emails have been sent to parent email accounts with specific instructions, usernames and passwords.  

Every Friday, the Google Classrooms will be updated with work for the following week. All assignments are due on Fridays. Please make sure to answer questions posted and submit any materials needed to be graded. Directions will be posted with each assignment on the Google Classroom. 


Work 3/23-3/27:


  1. Grammar test- EducationCity 
  2. Grammar- Ready WB p. 424-427
  3. Ready ELA Wb p. 160-167- Answer Google Classroom Question
  4. Ready ELA- Wb p. 171-173- follow directions on Google Classroom
  5. Buckle Down ELA Wb- Lesson 6: pages 58-71
  6. Vocabulary Unit 8: Wb. p.78-85
  7. Read a chapter book 30 minutes each day. At the end of the week, answer the question posted on Google Classroom



  1. Read assignments and fairy tales on Google Classroom. Answer each question.
  2. By Friday, submit the organizer of your own fairy tale.



  1. Division test- Assigned on Mathletics
  2. Complete all division assignments on EducationCity
  3. Complete and download Do Now worksheets- submit by Friday 3/27
  4. Each day complete the assignment on GoogleClassroom- Pictographs, Bar Graphs, Tally Graphs- follow directions on the Google Classroom


  1. Complete the Google Forms assignment- this will count as the Chapter 10 test
  2. Read Wb pages 132-139; complete all questions in workbook as well as the question on GoogleClassroom.

Social Studies:

  1. Read textbook pages 110-117; answer all questions on GoogleClassroom


  1. Read assignments and links on GoogleClassroom- answer all questions posted.
  2. Optional Plant Hands On Activity- this is posted on Google Classroom

Ms. Lapidus Homework 3/9-3/13

Posted on March 9, 2020

Spelling words: airplane, daytime, birthday, daylight, hairdo, notebook, birdhouse, barefoot, headlight, sometime, someone, newspaper, sidewalks, basketball, stagecoach, age, gentle, city, somebody, handwriting


Monday 3/9:

  1. Spelling- 4x each 
  2. Math- WB p. 74
  3. ELA- Practice Book p. 209 and 211
  4. Read and log
  5. Book report due tomorrow


Tuesday 3/10:

  1. Spelling- ABC order
  2.  Math- WB p. 69
  3. ELA- Practice Book p. 212 and 214
  4. Read and log
  5. Science Test Thursday


Wednesday 3/11:

  1. Spelling- sentences 1-10
  2. Math- worksheet
  3. ELA- Ready wb p. 96-97; 99
  4. Read and log
  5. Science- test tomorrow

Thursday 3/12:

  1. Spelling- sentences 11-20; test tomorrow
  2. Math- WB p. 75
  3. ELA- Practice Book p. 215-216
  4. Read and log


Friday 3/13:

  1. Get tests signed
  2. Read and log
  3. Math test Tuesday 3/17
  4. Grammar test Thursday 3/19
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