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Welcome to Fourth Grade!

Homework for week 11/12-11/15

Posted on November 12, 2019

Tuesday  11/12

Math wb pg 42


Reading Voc. define and sentence

Practice wb pg 64 and 65

ELA test Thursday

Science test  Friday

Spelling pages 44-48 classwork to be completed if not done in school


Wednesday 11/13

Math wb pg 43

Practice wb pgs 66 and 67


ELA test

Science test Friday


Thursday 11/ 14

Math wb pg 44

Practice wb pg 68 and 69

Reread story

Spell and voc. quiz


Friday 11/15

Math wb pg 45

Science term project due 11/20

Next week Religion ch 5 and 6



Weekly News Letter  11/12-11/15

This week we will continue our work on multiplication with regrouping. Please review times tables each night.  Science discoveries will continue with a lab on Sound Energy. In Religion we will create the Liturgical Calendar.  In S.S. we begin learning about the European settlers who shaped New York. Lastly. we will be reading and writing articles in ELA.                              Have a great week.      Mrs.DAlessandro


Posted on November 4, 2019

Weekly News  11/4/19  Grade 4-205


This week we start working on multiplication in Math.  Students will learn different ways to model multiplication and write word problems.  Science continues the study of Energy.  Social Studies will focus on Chapter 2 review.  The projects are beautiful and we will enjoy the presentations in class. We will be working on a biography story and the finding the author’s purpose.  Next week we will have an ELA test on Unit 3.   Thanks and have a nice week.   Mrs DAlessandro

  Homework           Week of 11/4


Math wb pg 38


Spell wb pgs 38-42

SS test ch 2 Thursday


Math pg 39


Practice wb 56 and 57

SS test Thursday


Math wb pg 40


Practice wb pg 58 and 59

SS Test Ch 2


Math wb pg 41

Practice wb  complete all pages for story

Spell /Voc. Comp quiz


Math wb pg 41

LA Unit 3 Test Next week

Practice 59-63

Grammar  31-35

spell and voc quiz 

reread story

Homework 10/28 to 10/31

Posted on October 28, 2019

Monday 10/28

Math wbpg 35

Journal  Read and write

Religion  Martyr information and picture

Book Report due


Tuesday 10/29

Math wb pg 36


Practice wb pgs 46 and 47

Reading definitions and sentences  if not completed in class

SS City Assignment due on Wed.

Wed 10/30

Math text pg 122 on loose leaf

Practice wb 48 and 49

Reread story  in reader


Final copy of Martyr Report completed

Thursday 10/31

No Homework

Study spelling and voc. for quiz


Weekly News

This week we are enjoying Halloween and All Saint’s Day.  In religion we are writing and sharing our Martyr Reports.  We will spend time on word problem strategies and reviewing chapter 3 skill in Math.

Social studies we will be answering critical thinking questions as we review for Chapter 2 test.  We will also share our wampum belts that we designed last week.

Science work will be on Energy and using ramps in the Science lab.

We are in need of loose leaf and tracing paper.  Thanks and have a nice week. Mrs. D

Homework 10/25

Posted on October 25, 2019

Friday HW  10/25

Math wb pg 34

Book Report due 10/29

SS test  chapter 2 week of 11/3

Religion  Bring in information and a picture of a martyr for an in class project

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