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Welcome to Fourth Grade!

Weekly News and Work for 3/30-4/3

Posted on March 30, 2020

This week we continue working on Geometry in Math.  In Science we are discovering the process of photosynthesis.  In Social Studies students are completing their interview project on immigration.   Religion we learn about the 5th Commandment and how it pertains to our lives.  In ELA we work on building our vocabulary and develop our writing skills in the content areas.

I wish for you and your family a healthy and peaceful week.   Mrs.D

Please submit the following on Google Classroom:

        Math workbook pages 133 to 137    Due no later than Friday 4/3

         Science Essay and diagram explaining the process of Photosynthesis   pg 182      Due 4/3

          Religion  Test page for Chapter 15 -Complete 1-10  write questions and answers (9 &10  should be paragraphs)       Due 4/3

           S.S   Project   Interview an Immigrant     Cover, Interview Q and A,  one page report with opinion        Due 4/3

          ELA  Use 10 vocabulary words in a story                Due 4 /3                                                                                       

Weekly Letter 3/23-3/27

Posted on March 23, 2020

Good luck this week and stay well. In Religion we are finishing Ch 12 and beginning Ch 15 on the 4th Commandment.   In Math we are beginning work on perimeter and area. In  ELA our monthly book report is due Friday and we continue our work on Comparing and Contrasting two different types of writing. 

 In Science we begin life science with plants and reproduction.  In  SS. we are learning important events for NY economy in 1800’s.

Please read letter sent about live interactions using Google Classroom, which begin tomorrow at 8 am.

Religion assignments are poster of 4 part of Mass and essay on TV show representing  the 4th commandment.

Math workbook pages 127-132 (skip wb 128)  and text book assessment pg 320.

Science     Voc. definitons and sentences  Unit 4     1-8   on GC

                   Picture of plant parts, essay on pollinators and flow chart on pollination.

Social        Text pages 168-169  1-20 and essay on Stock Market

                  Read and do questions 1-7 pgs 180-185   Paragraph on travel in 1800’s

ELA Ready Book pgs 354-375

Submit 360-361    and 374-375

Please read at least 2 hours this week

Week of 3/16 to 3/20 Weekly News

Posted on March 18, 2020

      The students were given an assignment sheet on Friday 3/13.   Please be sure all assignments are completed and send me March’s book report using Google Classroom.  Next week, I will expect all assignments to be sent using Google Classroom.   I will be sending a Math and Social Studies test sometime next week for completion.  Math test is Chapter 9 and SS is Chapter 6.   The test will be the usual format with vocabulary.  Please check the google classroom on Friday for specific assignments and objectives for next week.  Stay well.  Mrs.D

Math wb pgs 123-126   and Ready book 108-110     140-142

Reading  Ready book  pgs 258-265    342-349   398-407   458-467

Read a novel of your choice and write a one page book report with all the story elements and a detailed opinion, due 3/27.


I was happy to see that most students are on Google Classroom.  Please sign on as soon as possible.   Thanks!

HW Fri 3/13

Posted on March 13, 2020

Math ready book pgs 84-99

ELA Ready pgs 120-133

Voc. quiz unit 12

Math wb pg 122

SS and Math Test next  Thursday/Friday

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