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Welcome to Fourth Grade!

Homework week of 11/23-11/24

Posted on November 23, 2020

Homework 4A

Monday 11/23

Math Textbook page 122 in n.b    Please use this page as a review for the test on Wed. 12/2  The vocabulary words for the test are SUM  and DIFFERENCE.  The test is just like this page..  Thanks

Read 30 minutes and write a response in Journal

S.S.  Add information to index card about the colonial building that you chose.

Math test 12/2 chapter 3 addition and subtraction


Tuesday  11/24    

Math – Textbook pg 463  all problems in notebook. ( Add and Subtract only)

Reading- Comprehension packet

Read- 30 minutes each day  No Journal

Math Test on Wed. Chapter 3

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!  Mrs. D’Alessandro

Homework week of 11/16-11/20

Posted on November 16, 2020


Math w.b. pg 32

Spelling- incorrect words 3X each  Write a sentence with word 1-25  on loose leaf due Wednesday.

L.A. worksheet Word meaning Page  Test on Wednesday

Read 30 minutes and write a response in Journal.  3 Responses should be in the back of each Journal weekly.

Book report due 11/20



Read 30 min. and Journal entry

Math w.b. pg 33

L.A worksheet page pg 84  Test Nouns tomorrow

Spelling sentences 1-25 on Loose leaf due

Book report due 11/20



Math 34

L.A worksheets complete entire packet  due tomorrow.

Read 30 minutes and write Journal entry.

Spelling and Vocabulary quiz on Friday

Book Report due 11/20



Math w.b. pg 35

Book report due

Spell and voc. Quiz

Read 30 minutes no Journal



Science test  Unit 2 after Thanksgiving

Math Test Chapter 3 after Thanksgiving

Read 60 minutes

Math w.b. Pg 36

Homework 11/9 to 11/13

Posted on November 9, 2020


L.A. worksheet pg 64

Math workbook pg 28

Spelling  sentences 1-12   Write incorrect words 3 times in spelling N.B.

Read 30 minutes and write response in Journal

Social Studies test on Thursday

Book report due 11/20



Reading 30 minutes and responses

Math workbook pg 29

L.A worksheet pg 69

Spelling sentences 13-25 in N.B.

SS test Thursday 11/12

Wednesday no school


Math w.b. pg 30

Spelling Quiz  No voc. Quiz

Read 30 minutes.  No Journal tonight.

L.A. Pack complete all pages



Math w.b. pg 31

Book report due 11/20

L.A. test next week on Wed.

Homework 11/2-11/6

Posted on November 2, 2020


Read 30 minutes and write a Journal entry

Math Textbook pg 92 in N.B.

L.A. worksheet

Religion test ch 3 and 4 on Wed.

Math Test on Friday

No Spelling or Vocabulary Quiz



Read 30 minutes and complete Journal entry

Math Textbook page 462  1-15  in N.B.

L.A. Worksheet

Religion Test ch 3 and 4 Study



Read 30 minutes and write Journal

Math W.Bpg  25     Test on Friday

L.A. worksheet



Math wb pg 26

L.A. Worksheet

Math study ch 2 test

Read 30 minutes- no response

No spelling /voc. quiz this week



Study S.S. Chapter 2 test Thursday

Math w.b. pg 27

Read 60 minutes

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