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Welcome to Fourth Grade!

Homework grade4 week of 1/20

Posted on January 21, 2020

Tues. HW

Reading pg 370 define words and write sentences.

Math textbook pf 200 divide only 1-20 in nb

Science work on project be sure idea was approved.

Practice wb pgs 126 to 128

No Journal this week

Study for SS and math tests.

Thursday- SS test

Friday-  Math test


Wed. HW

Math Textbook test page on LL pg 202 all

Practice wbpgs129 and 130

No journal

Science project

Study SS  Test

Thurs. HW

Math Test

Practice wb 131  132

No Journal

Spelling and voc. Quiz


Math worksheet

Science test check outline on thursday.



Weekly News

Social and Math review done most of week.  Completion of Unit 2 in Science,t est next week.  Religion work on commandments and human rights.  Work on State Test prep. all week.

Have a nice week. Mrd. D

Weekly News and HW week of 1/13-1/16

Posted on January 13, 2020


This week we continue working on division and order of operations in math class.  Religion focus is on having faith in God.    Social Studies, we will be reviewing with a test planned for next week.  ELA, we continue working on verbs and persuasive writing.  Reading this week is the study of a play and its elements.  Please send in supplies and Science Fair Question for approval by Wednesday.  Have a nice week, Mrs. D


HW  1/13 Mon.

Math pg 67

Reading pg 340 define words and write a sentence

Journal read 30 minutes and write 10 or more sentence as a response

Science Project Infro for approval

Practice w.b. 118-119

Grammar pgs 61-65 Classwork to be completed if not done

Unit 5 ELA test Thursday  Study all pages


Tues 1/14 HW

Math pg 68


Practice 120 -121

Science info due

ELA test Thursday


Wed. HW 1/15

Math wb pg 69


Practice 122-123

ELA Test Unit 5


Thursday  HW 1/16

SS Test study test next week  Look for review sheet.

Book Report due

Math wb pg 70 

Math Chapter 5 test next week 

No school Friday and Monday

Vocabulary quiz Orage book pg 48 and 49

Science project work and if not approved yet please sent in idea on Tuesday. 

Thanks and have a nice weekend!    Mrs.D’Alessandro

Homework 1/6 to 1/10 and Weekly News

Posted on January 6, 2020


Math wb pg 62  Divide, do not estimate

Reading  pg 328  Define Voc. and write a sentence

Journal  Read 30 min and write a 10 sentence or response.

Practice wb pg 109 and 110


Math wb pg 63 divide


Practice wb pgs 111 and 113


Math wb pg 64 divide


Practice 114 and 115

ELA Test Unit 5 Next week

Spelling Quiz Friday

Comp. Quiz Friday

Voc. Unit 4 Orange book pgs 38 and 39 on Monday


Reread story Comp and Voc Quiz Open Book for story

Spelling Quiz

practice wb pg 116 and117

Final draft due


Next week Unit 5 ELA Test Verbs  study all pages  VERBS

Math  wb pg 66

Voc. Unit 4 quiz 1-12 pgs 38 and 39 Orange Book

Science fair approval due 1/15

Please have all supplies

New NB if necessary for Math, Reading, SS and ELA

pack of sharpened pencils

pack of loose leaf

markers and highlighters

Book to read each day


Weekly Letter

This week we will finish our work on long division.  ELA Unit 5 will be complete and test will be scheduled for next week.  The students projects are wonderful and they will present them this week.  Science work continues with the energy found in motion and what happens in a collision. In SS we continue our work on Colonial life and government.

I would like to thank you all for the many gifts you gave me for Christmas.  I loved each gift!  Thanks for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

                                                  Happy New Year     Mrs. D’Alessandro

4th Grade Homework week of 12/16-12/20

Posted on December 16, 2019


Math wb pg 58

Journal Read and write

Practice wb pgs 100 and 101

Reading finish definitions and sentences

Science test Wed. – outline given last week



Math wb pg 59

Practice pg 102

Science test tomorrow



Math wb pg 60

Practice pgs 104 and 105

spell and voc quiz

reread story


Math wb pg 61

Practice pgs 106 and 107

Bring in Christmas Book to share


Ready Book and project sheet given in class  Math ready pages 1-61  ELA Ready pages 1-51    Rel. Project due 1/6

Weekly News

This week we will celebrating Christmas all week.  In ELA we will be writing and reading Christmas stories.  In Science we will start learning about collision and energy transfer.  In S.S.we continue learning about the colonial days in N.Y.

Friday we will have our party after Mass and more celebrating in the afternoon.

I would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

                                                                                                            Mrs. D’Alessandro

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