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Welcome to Fourth Grade!

Homework for 9/16-9/20 and Weekly News for 4-205

Posted on September 15, 2019

Homework  week of 9/16-9/20


Math- W.B. pg 8

Read for 20 minutes and write a response in writing Journal

Reading/Voc.-  Define words and write a sentence for each in your reading N.B.

Spelling- write each word 3 times in spelling N.B.  Spelling quiz on 2 stories this Friday

Tuesday 9

Spelling- write a sentence for each word in spelling n.b.

Read for 20 minutes and write a response in Journal


Math-W.B. pg 10

Science-  Bring in information about a career in science with pictures if possible

Read  20 minutes and write a response in Journal

Read story in reader 



Math -W.B. pg 11

Spelling  Quiz on 2 stories

Reading- voc. and comprehension Quiz

Writing-  Please complete final draft  and be prepared to make an oral presentation.  Assignment must contain yellow first draft, final corrected copy on loose leaf and a cover with an illustration


Math-  Define voc. words in n.b.

Math chapter 1 test next week.  Please study entire chapter and vocabulary.

Religion  Test on chapters 1 and 2  Reread chapters, study test pages and all key terms.  Check notebook for outline.



                                                   Weekly News    9/16-9/20

This week in math we will be working on rounding numbers and money.

We will continue with our weekly writing piece.  This week we will focus on a description piece using vivid adjectives and a clear voice.

ELA/ Reading will include a new story which we will analyze story structure and characterization.  We will continue to practice sentence structure, covering combining sentences and run on sentences.

Social Studies  we will be learning about the waterways found in N.Y. and its climate. 

Science will include a contest to construct the strongest tower and a group project on careers in Science.

                                  Have a nice Week.   Mrs. D’Alessandro

Homework 9/11 9/12 9/13

Posted on September 12, 2019

9/11  HW

Math wb pg5

Read 20 minutes and writ a journal entry

Science  bring in pictures of technology

reread story


9/12  HW

Math wb pg 6

Read and voc. quiz

Read 20 min. no journal
Grammar wb pgs 1,2,3  if not complete

Final writing  piece on loose leaf with heading. Decorate suitcase list inside  items you will pack


Cover journal with personal things and cover in contact

Review times tables 1-6

Please return all papers and send in a pack of construction paper

Homework 9/9-9/13 4th grade

Posted on September 7, 2019


Math- workbook page 3       Friday quiz on times tables 2-6

Reading-  Write a definition and sentence for each word in Reading N.B.      

Journal- Read for 20 minutes and write a response in journal N.B.

Spelling- Write each word 3 times in Spelling N.B.




Math – w.b. pg 4

Journal- read 20 min. and write response in journal

Spelling- write a sentence with each word in your spelling N.B.



Classroom News Grade 4-205 Mrs. D’Alessandro

Posted on

Upcoming Events Week of September 9, 2019

  • Sept. 11 Mass and Memorial Ceremony 9 A.M.
  • Class Orientation Home Academy meeting


  • Our week of learning will include some review of grade 3 skills in Reading and Math. In  Math will began working on Numeration. Students created a chart with 3 ways to name numbers up to 100,000.  We will be working on comparing whole numbers and number values this week. These concepts can be found in Chapter 1.
  • Our Reading instruction will include strategies on analyzing story structure and  making inferences.  The students will work on the first story in our reader for vocabulary and spelling.
  • This week in S.S. will be working on the map of New York. We will be reading Chapter 1 and define the vocabulary.  Students will trace and label the map.
  • Our Science work began with defining what technology means and how engineers make new ideas. This week we will continue to work together in Chapter 1 to create new inventions.
  • In writing the students created their own selfie poster to introduce themselves to the class.  This week we will write about moving, including student generated lists and graphic organizers.


  • Reminders
  • Please return all papers 
  • Please send me the name of the person who will be picking up your child each day and their relationship. Please list all possibilities.
  • Please check H.W. and sign each assignment.

                                            Have a nice week!

                                                             Mrs. D



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