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5th grade….week of 4/15 to 4/19

Posted on April 14, 2019

4/17…9:00 Mass

Have A Blessed Easter To All!!! 


Monday – pg 190

Tuesday – pg 191

Wednesday – Spring packet….Due 4/29


Tuesday – pg 68

6th Science:

Monday – worksheet….Due 4/16






5th grade..week of

Posted on April 7, 2019

Class News Letter

 The fifth grades class has been busy beavers.    Here are some of things the students will be working on in their subjects:

Reading:  The students will be reviewing the skills of fact and opinion.   They will also review the skill of plot and setting. They will be working on sequence writing frames. They are also learning new spelling words and vocabulary words each week.  

Religion:  The students will continue their Lenten journey.  They will also be discussing and exploring the celebration of the Eucharist. .

Science:  Students will be learning how energy gets transferred to plants. They will also be learning about different roots of plants. The students will explore what plants do with their water, air and light.

Lab Learner: students will investigate what substances can be used to create a chemical reaction.


Sixth Grade News

The students are doing wonderful and exciting things in class.

Here are some of the topics the students have been learning and will be exploring:

  • What makes up an ecosystem?
  • What are the parts of an ecosystem?
  • What are the cycles in an ecosystem?
  • What kinds of interactions exist in an ecosystem?
  • How do organisms compete and survive in an ecosystem?
  • Students will complete different webquests on each ecosystem.

Lab Learner News:  Topcs: How does the transfer of potential energy to kinetic energy relate to the Law of Conservation of Energy? Can one form of energy be converted to another? Support your answer with data from the experiments. _________________________________________________________________________________________

Seventh Grade News

The students have been busy workers in class.  

 Here are some of the topics the students have been learning and will be exploring:

  • What is the skin and its functions?
  • What are some skin injuries and how the skin can repairs itself?
  • What are some classifications of nutrients?
  • What are the different food groups?

Lab Learner News:  

  • Why do individuals of a species have different traits?  
  • What is the relationship between the survival of the individuals of a species and genetic variations?
  • How does genetic variation affect the type of traits or the adaptations in the individuals of a species?
  • What is the relationship between genetic variation and natural selection?


4/9 (Tuesday) N.U.T. Day

Spelling Words: impress, correct, elect, discuss, locate, decorate, confuse, estimate, impression, correction, deletion, discussion, location, decoration, confusion, estimation, concentrate, exhaust, concentration, exhaustion, hopeless, fearless, forgiveness, conclude, conclusion


Monday- pg 183

Tuesday- pg 185

Wednesday- pg 187

Thursday- pg 188

Friday- CCLS Book…TBD


Monday –  write words 3 times each

Tuesday – write an antonym or synonym for each spelling word

Wednesday – pgs 146-147

Thursday – pg 148

Friday – pgs 149-150


Tuesday – pg 63

Thursday – pg 64

6th Science:

Monday – worksheet…Due 4/10

Wednesday – worksheet…Due 4/12

7th Science:

Tuesday – worksheet…Due 4/11



Posted on March 30, 2019

1/5…First Friday Mass

Spelling Words:  sadness, gladness, needless, harmless, darkness, fullness, stillness, hopeless, fearless, weakness, bottomless, foolishness, fondness, effortless, meaningless, emptiness, forgiveness, motionless, ceaseless, fierceness, disobey, mistrust, preview, weightlessness, thoughtlessness


Monday – pg 175

Tuesday – pg 178

Wednesday –  pg  179

Thursday – pg 182

Friday – CCLS Book..TBD


Monday – write words 3 times each

Tuesday – pick 12 words and put them into sentences.

Wednesday – pgs 140-141

Thursday – pg  142

Friday – pg 143-144


Tuesday – worksheet

Thursday – pg 61


Wednesday – worksheet

6th and 7th Science classes….no homework due to state testing Tuesday and Wednesday. 



5th grade…week of 3/25 to 3/29

Posted on March 24, 2019

Spelling Words:  prewash, disable, discolor, mistaken, preheats, mistrust, incorrect, disconnect, preview, prejudge, misjudge, discomfort, dismount, misunderstood, disobey, dishonest, injustice, disapprove, inexpensive, indefinite, presence, stationary, current, prehistoric, misbehave


Monday – page 170

Tuesday – page 172

Wednesday – page 173

Thursday – page 174

Friday – Buckle Down Book – TBD


Monday – write words 3x each

Tuesday – A,B,C, order

Wednesday – pages 134-135

Thursday – page 139

Friday – pages 137-138


Tuesday – worksheet

Thursday – worksheet

6th Science:

Monday – worksheet…Due 3/27

Wednesday – worksheet…Due 3/29

7th Science:

Tuesday – worksheet…Due 3/28

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