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Welcome to our class page!

Week of March 16th

Due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, all classes at St. Helen Catholic Academy have been temporarily moved to Google Classroom. Students have been invited to join their online classes, where all classwork, homework, and other announcements will be posted. All assignments will be posted, along with instructions and due dates.
To access Google Classroom, your child should log into their gmail account. Accept the invitation to join Google Classroom. After that, click the waffle (next to “gsuite”) click the Classroom graphic. They will then be directed to a landing page, where all their classes will be available.
 Each teacher will be posting assignments, updates, and homework for them to complete. While we might not be in the school building, it is important to remember that this is not a vacation. 
I can be contacted via email or directly through Google Classroom (by utilizing the private comments in each assignment)  if the students have any questions.
Stay healthy and safe! 
Ms. Edwards
5th Grade (3/17)
ELA- Read Soldiers, Sleds, and Sam and complete Google Form
Writing- Read two articles from text set (Do zoos help or hurt animals?) and complete the quizzes
Religion- Read article on St. Patrick and complete activity
6th Grade (3/17)
Read passage on Loch Ness Monster and complete Google Form
7th Grade (3/17)
Read Python Invasion and complete Google Form
8th Grade (3/18)
Read Dust Bowl Migrants and complete Google Form

Weekly News and H.W. for 3/2-3/6

Posted on March 2, 2020

Weekly News

Each week in Lent we will be going to church for the Stations of the Cross.  Next Monday we will also receive Reconciliation, so please review the Act of Contrition with your child.  In Math we continue our work on fraction and word problems.  In Science we continue working on waves and energy.  In Social we finish the chapter on government In Religion we are working on Acts of Mercy and Lent. Lastly, in ELA we are working on Characte rtraits, Story elements and Test prep.  Have a great week!


Monday H.W.

Math wb 112

Buckle Down Math pgs 78-85

Reading Voc. pg 476 and sentences

Practice wb pgs163 and 164

ELA test Thursday


Tuesday HW 3/3


Math pg 113

Buckle down pgs 86-90

Practice wb pgs 165,166,167

ELA test Thursday  Unit 7


Wed. HW 3/4

Math pg 114 wb

Practice pgs 168 and 169

Buckle down Math 99-104

ELA Unit 7 Test with compare and contrast essay.  Review sheet given last week.


Thursday 3/5

Math wb 115

Buckle down math pgs 105-108

practice pgs 170 and 171

Spelling and Comp. Quiz


Friday  3/4

Ready ELA pages 95-103

Ready Math pages 70-83

Voc. Quiz  Unit 11

Math wb pg 116

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