Homework for Tuesday, October 17th

Posted on October 17, 2017

**** Reminder: Walk-a-Thon permission slips are due****

Math 8: Workbook page 88 # 11-15

Math 5: Workbook page 23 # 11-15 and # 20,21

Math 6: Buckle Down workbook page 50 # 29-35 in book.

ELA 6: Vocabulary Unit 3: Words # 11-20 in sentences, on loose leaf. Study for the vocabulary test on Thursday.

Religion 6: Workbook page 28 Crossword !-4. Study for the test on Friday.

Homework for Monday, October 16th

Posted on October 16, 2017

Sixth Grade — Remember to bring in items for the Bake Sale tomorrow.

Math 8: Workbook page 87 # 6,8,9. Do these on loose leaf and in your book.

Math 6: Sadlier CCLS workbook: Complete pages 187 and 189.

Religion 6: Define all words on your test outline. Do this on loose leaf; it will be collected.

ELA 6: Vocabulary Unit 3 words — Write words # 1-10 in original sentences. Do this on loose leaf, to be collected.

Vocabulary Test (Unit 3) on Thursday.

Religion test on Friday.

Outline is as follows:

Know and be able to explain the meaning of:

Divine Revelation (page 22)

The Blessed Trinity (23)

Divine Inspiration (24)

Scripture is what’s written in the Bible (24)

Covenant (32)

The Book of Genesis is the first book in the Bible.

Human Dignity (38)

Free will (38)

Conscience (38)

Soul (45)

Steward (47)

Sin (50)

Original sin (50)

Mary, mother of Jesus, was the only person born without Original Sin.

God gives us free will, which allows us to choose between acting as he would want us to, or making the wrong decision.

Short Essay Questions:

Everything we discussed about Prayer

The Prayer of Saint Francis


Math quiz on Friday.

Homework for Friday, October 13th

Posted on October 13, 2017

Math 6: Complete worksheet problems on Percents (Type 1 questions)

ELA 6: Writing — You must type and print out the first draft of your Realistic Fiction story. It does not have to be finished; just type and print what you have written so far.

Terra Nova Testing on Monday.

Bake Sale on Tuesday — Bring in two dozen items to the office on Tuesday morning.

Homework for Thursday, October 12th

Posted on October 12, 2017

Math 6: Workbook page 118         # 2 and # 3.

Create the frequency tables and the histograms, on loose leaf. This will be collected in the morning.

Terra Nova Math Section is tomorrow.


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