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Mr. Vogelsberg – Homework – May, 28th, 2019

Posted on May 28, 2019

5th – Received the first part of their social studies review vocabulary for the upcoming final.  Students are encouraged to take time this week to go over some of the terminology.

If not already given to Mr. V, complete our Cold War, Space Race newspaper assignments at home.


6th – Page 552 question 1 – to be answered in a complete, four paragraph essay (graded as a quiz).


7th –

Social Studies – Complete Westward expansion conflicts essay by Friday

ELA – Complete poetry initial rough drafts if not already done.

Complete Hunger Games ‘Districts’ worksheet. Due Thursday.

Mr. Vogelsberg homework – May 19th

Posted on May 18, 2019

7th –

For the past two weeks 7th grade social studies has been working on the Louisiana Purchase! The children have been creating journals pretending that they are apart of the adventures of Lewis and Clark. The completed journals are due first thing Monday.

They also have a vocabulary quiz on unit 7 in the afternoon.


5th grade – complete the worksheet and questions on the Berlin Airlift and the ‘Candy Bomber’ and turn in the worksheet Monday morning.

5/7-5/11 Mr. Vogelsberg Homework

Posted on May 7, 2019

5th – All World War II presentations are to be presented on Wednesday!

World War II ‘letters home’ worksheet – Due Friday

6th – Textbook page 531 #1-4 – Due Friday

7th –

Social Studies –

Louisiana Purchase worksheet – Due Thursday

Louis and Clark adventure journal projects are due next Friday!

ELA – read up to chapter 11 in the Hunger Games by Friday

4/20 – Mr. Vogelsberg Break Homework

Posted on April 20, 2019

5th – World War II take home exams are due the first day back from break!

6th – None

7th – War of 1812 WebQuest worksheet and have read up to chapter 7 in The Hunger Games due first day back from break!

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