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Mr. Vogelsberg Homework – 12/10 – 12/14

Posted on December 10, 2018

5th –

12 / 10 Complete Trail of Tears ‘Letter to the Editor’ writing assignment. Due Wednesday.

12/12 – Complete ‘The Battle for the Black Hills” classwork questions and final writing assignment. Due Friday.


6th – Read textbook pages 120 – 127 and answer questions 1-6. Due Friday.


7th Homeroom:

Grammar –

page 109 #29-58

Writing –

Drafting outlines due Wednesday.

Informational Writing chapter rough drafts due Friday.

Social Studies –

Read textbook pages 101 – 105. answer questions 1-5. Due Wednesday.

Mr. Vogelsberg’s Homework – 12/3-12/7

Posted on December 4, 2018

5th- Pocahontas independent story and writing assignment due Wednesday.

The First Americans reading and questions – due Friday.

6th – Textbook vocabulary 5-2 due Wednesday.

Workbook section 5-3 due Monday.


Social Studies – Read textbook pages 96-100 and answer questions 1-3 and vocabulary – due Wednesday.

Read textbook pages 101-105 and answer questions 1-5 – due Monday

13 Colonies original brochures projects due Monday!

Grammar –

p106 19-25 and writing wrap up – due Wednesday



7th and social studies homework: 11/13-11/16

Posted on November 13, 2018

Good afternoon: Please be aware that 5th, 6th, and 7th grade each have a social studies test scheduled for Tuesday, 11/20. 5th’s chapter test will be on: The first Americans, The Colonial Era, and Expansion and Division sections of the textbook, as well as any other worksheets or PowerPoints covered in class. 6th’s chapter test will be on chapter 4, Mesopotamia. 7th’s chapter test will be on chapter 3, the 13 colonies.


5th: Complete the ‘Trail of Tears’ workbook questions. Due Thursday.

6th: Read pages 86-93 in the social studies textbook and answer questions 1-5. Due Friday.

7th: Complete any grammar work that was not completed in class. Practice noun questions for this section at the end of the chapter. You have a test for this unit next Wednesday!

Social studies: Read section 3-3 and answer questions 1-3.

Read pages 73-77 and answer questions 1-4. Due next Monday.


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