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Mr. Vogelsberg – Homework for 2/4-2/8

Posted on February 4, 2019

5th –

Thomas Edison worksheet – Due Wednesday (To be handed out Tuesday)

Henry Ford and the Assembly Line worksheet – Due Friday


6th –

We finished our unit on Ancient Greece last week! We will be having a unit test on Wednesday. Students should review the study guide, and the 7/1-7/4 practice quizzes.


7th –

Creating notecards for the upcoming vocabulary quiz, next Wednesday. These will be checked this Friday.

Students will be working on a PowerPoint presentation for one Founding Father tomorrow. Any work not completed in class will be homework. These will be presented on Wednesday!

Social Studies – Battle of Yorktown worksheet – Due Friday (to be handed out Wednesday)

Homework for week of 1/14-1/17

Posted on January 16, 2019

5th – Completing worksheet on the Industrial Revolution, front and back.

Due Thursday


6th – Reading pages 190-197 of the textbook, and answering questions 1-5.

Due Thursday


7th –

Social Studies – Reading pages 120-125 of the textbook, and answering questions 1-4.

Due Thursday

Writing – Beginning our unit on creating historical fiction! Continue to work on any research / rough draft writing as needed at home.

Invention Convention – Continue to work on your inventions!


Mr. Vogelsberg Homework – 12/10 – 12/14

Posted on December 10, 2018

5th –

12 / 10 Complete Trail of Tears ‘Letter to the Editor’ writing assignment. Due Wednesday.

12/12 – Complete ‘The Battle for the Black Hills” classwork questions and final writing assignment. Due Friday.


6th – Read textbook pages 120 – 127 and answer questions 1-6. Due Friday.


7th Homeroom:

Grammar –

page 109 #29-58

Writing –

Drafting outlines due Wednesday.

Informational Writing chapter rough drafts due Friday.

Social Studies –

Read textbook pages 101 – 105. answer questions 1-5. Due Wednesday.

Mr. Vogelsberg’s Homework – 12/3-12/7

Posted on December 4, 2018

5th- Pocahontas independent story and writing assignment due Wednesday.

The First Americans reading and questions – due Friday.

6th – Textbook vocabulary 5-2 due Wednesday.

Workbook section 5-3 due Monday.


Social Studies – Read textbook pages 96-100 and answer questions 1-3 and vocabulary – due Wednesday.

Read textbook pages 101-105 and answer questions 1-5 – due Monday

13 Colonies original brochures projects due Monday!

Grammar –

p106 19-25 and writing wrap up – due Wednesday



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