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Mr. Vogelsberg Homework: 11/23-11/30

Posted on November 23, 2020

Listed below are the assignments that are due when we return home from break on Monday 11/30.

5th: Important people of Early American History newspaper article. (To be completed on today’s hand out).

6th: Chapter Quiz 3-1 and 3-2 (front and back).

7th: Chapter Quiz 3-1 and 3-2 (front and back).

8th: Chapter Quiz 4-3 and 4-4 (front and back).

Mr. Vogelsberg Homework: 11/19 – 11/20

Posted on November 19, 2020

5th: American Colonies Timeline (to be passed out Friday) Due Monday.

6th: Workbook 3-2: The Neolithic Revolution.

Due Monday.

7th: Workbook 3-1: The Roanoke and Jamestown Colonies.

Due Monday.

8th: No homework tonight.

Mr. Vogelsberg: Homework 11/18 – 11/20

Posted on November 18, 2020

5th: Homework: Make sure your packets from Tuesday have been completed. I want them turned in by Thursday the latest. 

6th: Homework: Textbook page 61, #6. Students can answer the question with a brief, three paragraph response. Due Thursday. 

7th: No homework tonight, look over your Chapter Two tests, they were sent home today!

8th: Homework: Textbook page 41, number 7. Creating a brochure for westward expansion. Due Thursday. 

Mr. Vogelsberg homework: 11/12-11/13

Posted on November 12, 2020

5th: Declaration of Independence worksheet,  due tomorrow.

6th: Copy Chapter 3-1 Vocabulary into your notebooks, due Monday.

7th: Finish your ‘New World Colony’ Flag from today’s morning Do Now. Due tomorrow.

8th: No homework tonight.


7th: Wednesday Chapter 2 test vocabulary:

            Chapter 2 Study Guide


People to Know:

Marco Polo: sailed for Italy. He was the first explorer to create a map of the world for others to use. Recorded world cultures and languages. His journal was the first guide to the rest of the world. 

Verrazano: sailed for France, explored the Hudson River and parts of New York. 

John Cabot: sailed for England.

Jacque Cartier: sailed for France. Explored the Northern parts of North America. 

Christopher Columbus: sailed for Spain. Discovered the Americans and told Europeans back home. 

Hernan Cortes: sailed for Spain. Most well known for conquering the Aztecs. 

Terms to know:

The Renaissance: means ‘rebirth’ in French. It is reawakening of culture and intellectual curiosity from the 1300s to the 1600s. 

The Crusades: European catholics invade the Middle East for war but end up creating a series of trade routes. 

The Santa Maria: the largest ship of Christopher Columbus’ journey. 

The Northwest Passage: a passage that was thought to be a way around North America through the Northwest. Does not actually exist. Explorers like John Cabot and Henry Hudson searched for it.  

Tenant Farmer: farmers who paid rent in portions of their farming. Usually came from Europe to the New World. 


Concepts to know:

The differences between French and Spanish colonization.

French treated Native AMericans with respect because they needed their hunting spots and knowledge of the land. Spanish exploited Natives through slavery and war. 

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