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Posted on November 13, 2019

Good afternoon parents,

5th – We are continuing with our unit on Native Americans. This week we are learning about the Aztecs. The class needs to finish questions 1-3 in their Aztec packets for tomorrow’s class.

6th – We are continuing with our unit on Ancient Greece. This week we are learning about Athens and Sparta, it’s most important city-states. Students need to finish questions 1-4 on page 189 in the textbook for tomorrow’s class.

7th – We are beginning our unit on Life in the American Colonies. This week we are focusing on the economics of each of the Colonies. Students needs read through Workbook and answer the questions for pages 62-64.

8th – We are continuing our unit on Westward expansion. This week we are focusing on the effects that it had on Native Americans. Students need to answer questions 1-3 on page 48 in the textbook.

Mr. Vogelsberg homework 10/22 – 10/25

Posted on October 22, 2019

Good afternoon,

This week we are getting back to our normal schedule, now that TerraNova testing has wrapped up.

5th – Continuing unit on America’s geography. This week  we are learning about natural resources.

Homework – Work on questions 1-4 in the  back of  this section’s packet.

6th – Continuing unit on Ancient Egypt, and early river valley civilizations unit.

Homework – Textbook page 107 #1-4 Due Wednesday

7th – Continuing unit on the 13 American Colonies.

Homework – Textbook page 77 #1-4 Due Wednesdayy

8th – Continuing unit on the Era of Reconstruction.

Homework – Textbook page 13 #1-3 Due Wednesday

Religion 7 – Our first religion exam will take place next Wednesday (10/30)

Students should review the vocabulary from chapters 1,2 and 3 and the short answer questions we went over in class.

Mr. Vogelsberg homework 10/16-10/18

Posted on October 16, 2019

Good afternoon all parents!

This week, each morning is dedicated to TerraNova testing.  Students in each of the middle school grades will be spending periods 1-4 working on the exam. As such, classes will not be receiving social studies homework this week. Any work not completed as in school work may be sent home to be completed as homework.

Each social studies class will be spending one lesson studying the history of Christopher Columbus and his holiday in addition to the regular curriculum they have been learning about.

Mr. Vogelsberg homework 10/8-10/11

Posted on October 8, 2019

This week the students have been sent home creative work to complete at home. Yesterday, the classes spent time learning about the assignments.  They have the remainder of the week  to  complete the work.  The following assignments are due at the start of class Friday:

6th – Creating a brochure advertising Mesopotamia.  Students should turn in a colorful and creative piece that would make someone interested in  visiting this ancient civilization.  Students may choose to create  the brochure on the computer.

7th – Creating a newspaper article about the Holy Trinity.  Students should  turn in a writing from the templates given in class.  They should include pictures, captions, a title, and a well written article that explains what the Blessed Trinity is.  Students are required to use 3 religion vocabulary words in the writing.

8th – Creating a poster based on a Civil War figure. Students were assigned one prominent civil war character (generals, supporters, presidents).  Students will either create a wanted poster and detail the bad things they did in the war, or, will create a plaque praising the achievements of the person.  Students may choose to create the poster on the computer.


5th – Beginning our unit on American geography. Students need to finish reading the  chapter section and complete questions 1-4 in the back. Chapter test 1 will be given back by the  end of the  week (Please make sure to send them back signed!).

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