Homework for Tuesday, February 11th

Math 7 — Buckle Down workbook — Complete all problems on page 83. Quiz on percents and their applications on Friday.

Math 5 — Complete worksheet review “Exit Ticket” questions on multiplication of fractions and mixed numbers. Test on Thursday on multiplication of fractions, multiplication of mixed numbers, and addition/subtraction of mixed numbers. There will also be word problems.

Math 6 — Review for the test on Thursday. Follow the study guide, printed out for you. I am reprinting it here, just in case you forgot it.

Sixth Grade Math Test – Distance and Polygons in the Coordinate Plane


Test on Thursday, February 13th


 Plotting points

 Determining the type of polygon drawn (rectangle, square, trapezoid, composite figure)

 Finding the perimeter and area of the polygon drawn.

 Finding the distance of a line joining two points.

 Finding the distance from one place to the next on the coordinate plane

 Finding the missing coordinate point needed to form a rectangle or square, given the three other points.

 Study and review the problems from: Buckle Down workbook pages 161 – 164 , and pages 166-169, as well as the problems we did in class today. The test questions will be taken from these pages and the problems with the missing coordinate that we did in class today.