In-Home Assignments Week of May 11, 2020


Read 30 minutes daily. Through ReadWorks you can access their Library and “check out books”.  Go to the Student Library and add what you like to read! It will automatically record your progress on a Reading Log! Check it out!

Effective Monday, 4/6 please try to join our live class through Google Meet at our assigned times. This will replace the streaming on Google Classroom.

This is optional and is available Monday to Thursday.

We are asking that your camera be turned off to ensure everyone’s privacy. My camera will also be shut off. 

We will be able to speak to each other and I will be there to assist and support you.

Join Hangouts Meet

Meeting ID

Phone Numbers

(‪US)‪+1 407-385-0780

PIN: ‪140 244 852#

 Please practice your Math skills by utilizing Mathletics, SplashLearn and Khan Academy.

Return all assignments through the Google Classroom link.

ALL ASSIGNMENTS ARE DUE NO LATER THAN SUNDAY, May 17th unless otherwise stated.


  • Vocabulary Workshop Unit 9 pgs. 98 to 105. Complete workbook activities and then take the Quiz.
  • Reading / Science: Continue ReadWorks articles – Write in your Book of Knowledge – due date extended to May 17th
  • Religion – Eucharist Book Ch. 4 pgs. 31 to 40. Complete workbook activities and make your flower showing how God’s Word will take root in you.
  • Fiction Book Report due by May 24th
  • Math – Review Shapes Videos; Chapter 6 Lessons 4 and 5 pgs. 253 Questions 1, 2, and 3, pg. 254 #’s 11 to 14; workbook practice pgs. 72 and 73. Optional: Extra workbook practice pgs. 197 to 200.
  • Science – Changes to the Earth’s Surface – watch the video and answer questions.


Remember: Pace yourself! Don’t do everything at once.