K 111 Homework Week 9/9

Hello Parents!  

This week in ELA, we will be learning to identify the settings of stories. 

In Math, we will be learning how to sort objects by color, shape, and similar sizes, as well as using critical thinking skills to solve problems.

In Religion, we will learn that God made the sun, the moon, and the stars above us.

In science, we will continue learning about engineers solving problems and solutions. 

In Social Studies, we will reflect on our community. And do different activities regarding our community heroes or helpers.

Kind Regards, Mrs. Savaille



*Spelling Test on Friday 9/20* – We, Can, I, The, Am.

*Math Test Next Monday 9/23*- CH 1 

This week’s homework:


  •  ELA: Setting Worksheet
  • Spelling: Write out spelling words 5 times (We, Can, I, The, Am) in notebook
  •  Math: Workbook p. 14


•    ELA: Setting Worksheet

•.   Spelling: Write one sentence using each sight word (We, Can, I, The, Am) in notebook

•    Math: Workbook p.15



•    ELA: Animal Worksheet

•    Spelling: Write a short story using each word (We, Can, I, The, Am) in your notebook

•    Math: Workbook p.16



•   Spelling: Complete at home practice spelling test for each word (We, Can, I, The, Am)

•    Math: Workbook p.17



•   Spelling test today in class!

•    Math Test next Monday 9/23 CH 1