Mr. Vogelsberg Newsletter and Homework 1/27 -1/31

What the classes will be learning this week:

5th – Continuing our unit on The Age of Exploration and Explorers.  This week we will be talking about the different reasons WHY someone would want to colonize the New World.  Some reasons include Missions, and conquest.  We will be finishing this unit this week – unit test scheduled for Tuesday 1/28.

6th – Continuing our unit on Ancient China.  This week we will be discussing the causes and effects of the Great Wall of China, and the legacy that it has left behind.  We will be finishing this unit this week – unit test scheduled for Tuesday 1/28.

7th Social Studies – Beginning our unit on Post – Revolution United States.  This week we will be looking into the challenges that our young country had to overcome if it was going to survive.

7th Writing – Continuing our unit on Historical Fiction Writing.  Last week the students committed to writing about a specific period in American history.  This week, students will be creating their initial rough drafts to be reviewed and edited.  Students should consider: the plot, characters, and setting of the story.

7th Religion – Continuing our unit on Chapters 9 and 10.  We will be reviewing both chapters this week, unit test scheduled for Tuesday – 1/28.

8th – Beginning our unit on the Progressive Era.  This week we will look into the events that led to the United States becoming the world power that it is today.  Particularly the countries that we looked toward to increase our resources and land.

Reminder – 8th Immigrant interview papers are due Monday – February 3rd.


Homework – Monday 1/27

5th – Study for Wednesday’s quiz!

6th – Study for tomorrow’s quiz!

7th – Constitutional Convention Worksheet

8th – Immigration papers are due Monday!


6th Ancient China Study Guide

Important Vocabulary Terms:







Filial Piety



Social Class

Silk Road



Important Geographical Features:

Huang He River

Chang Jiang River


Important Dynasties of China: