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Dear Pre-K For All Families,                                                                                                    November 2020

On Wednesday November 11, 2020, school will be closed for Veterans Day.

On Wednesday November 25, 2020 through Friday November 27, 2020 school will be closed for Thanksgiving.

For the month of November, we will focus on the concept All About Us.

Students will participate in the following center activities:

Science:   Students will be provided with magnifying glasses and asked to explore their fingerprints, skin, hair, etc. Students will be given outlines of faces as well as playdough.  Then they will be invited to use the play dough to create facial features for the faces such as smile for a happy face, a frown for a mad face, etc. Students will be provided with mirrors and asked to look at themselves. The children will be encouraged to compare their features with another child.  After they have looked in the mirror, children will draw what they have seen.    Children will be provided with ink pads to create prints of their fingers and their hands.  Students will be encouraged to discuss what they see when looking at their prints.  The prints will be displayed in the science center and the children will be invited to use magnifying glasses to compare them.  Children will be provided with pictures of eyes of their peers.  They will be invited to identify whose eyes is in the picture. 

Math:   Students will be invited to look at their name cards and others student’s name cards in the class and count the number of letters in their name then place the appropriate card next to the name card. Small people will be added to the manipulative center and the children will be asked to sort and count the people using sorting trays. Students will be provided with cut out pictures of various facial features from magazines.  Children will use these pictures to create faces.  Students will be provided with a display of various of emotions.  Then they will be encouraged to look at the picture of the emotion and describe what causes that emotion.  Children will be invited to figure out how many “feet” or “hands” tall they are.  Several cut out feet and hands will be taped to the wall.  Students will be encouraged to stand next to either the feet or the hands and count how tall they are. 

Writing:  Practice identifying and writing words that pertain to all about me such as: adopted, afraid, angry, aunt, big, brother, community, confused, cousin, excited, family, father, feelings, friends, frustrated, gloomy, grumpy, grandfather, grandmother, happy, hopeful, kind, love, mad, mother, nervous, playful, relaxed, sad, scared, shy, siblings, silly, sister, small, teamwork, and uncle.

 Dramatic Play:   The dramatic play center will be turned into a home.  Children will be invited to dramatize their lives at home or pretend to be a family.  They will be encouraged to discuss their favorite meal, what they do at home, things they do with their families and things they do with their friends outside of school.  Children will be encouraged to draw the various activities they discussed with their friends.

Literacy:  Daily Read Aloud activities include:

Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too? by Eric Carle

My Daddy and I by P.K. Hallinan


Mama, Do You Love Me? By Barbara M. Joosse

On Mother’s Lap by Ann Herbert Scott

To Be a Kid by Maya Ajmera and John D. Ivanko

Families by Start Bright Books

Bear’s Busy Family by Stella Blackstone and Debbie Harter

The Colors of Us by Karen Katz

Lots of Grandparents by Shelly Rotner and Shelia Kelly, Ed. D.

Peter’s Chair by Ezra Jack Keats

Whose Mouse, Are You? by Robert Kraus

Oh, My Baby, Little One by Kathi Appelt

Here Are My Hands by Bill Martin Jr and John Archambault

Eyes, Nose, Fingers and Toes by Judy Hindley

A Rainbow of Friends by P.K. Hallinan

Whoever You Are by Mem Fox

We’re Different, We’re the Same by Bobbie Jane Kates

Families, Families, Families by Suzanne Lang and Max Lang

Just as I Am by Karen Sapp and Rachel Elliot

Library: Students will select books that revolve around all about us.

Art:  Students will be provided with a variety of collage materials to create themselves, family members and/ or a friend.   Children will be given various shapes and will be invited to use these shapes to create their bodies. After gluing the shapes together, children will be asked to use writing utensils to add additional details such as hair, clothes, shoes, etc. Students will be invited to draw a self-portrait after they have observed themselves in a mirror.  Children will be given half a paper plate and will draw a mouth on the plate expressing an emotion that they are feeling.  Once the paper plate is completed, it will be attached to a popsicle stick and students will use a mirror to look at the facial expression that they created.   Children will be provided with an assortment of facial features cut from magazines to create silly faces.

Blocks:   Students will be provided with name cards and they will be invited to use Lego blocks to make each letter in their name.  Children will be encouraged to talk about the lines in each letter of their name (curved, straight, etc.) and the sounds each of the letters make.  Students will be invited to create their classroom by using various types blocks, Lego people and furniture.  Children will be invited to discuss with one other what type of structure they create to build their classroom community.  They will be provided with materials such as paper and writing utensils to create a plan of what to build and how to build it

Family Engagement:

Please join us in creating a “Why am I thankful turkey?” Please sit down and discuss as a family “What you are thankful for?” and as caregivers “Why are you thankful for your children?”  Please email your responses to both questions by Friday November 6.  Once the teachers receive your responses, we will write them on turkey feathers and attach them to a turkey that will be displayed in the hallway for the school to see.  I will take a picture of the turkey and post it on Google Classroom for you to see.   If you have any questions or concerns, please free to contact me.

Family Activities:

Encourage your child to talk about their favorite family activity.

Prompting Questions:

  • Why was this family activity their favorite or what made it special to them?
  • What did they do during this activity?
  • Which family members were present during this activity?

Invite your child to create a feelings chart to help them express themselves.

Prompting Questions:

  • What feelings do you want to include in your chart?
  • Why are these feelings important to you?
  • What might cause these feelings?


Ms. Kaplan

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