February 3rd-7th

Posted on February 5, 2020

This week’s sight words to be reviewed each night:

look, go

Marvelous Monday – name writing worksheet and X-Ray Rhombus worksheet.

Terrific Tuesday – clean teeth worksheet and letter review worksheet

Wonderful Wednesday – look sight word worksheet and more worksheet

*Library is tomorrow. Please bring in your book, if you would like to borrow a new one. 

Thoughtful Thursday – go sight word worksheet and pattern review worksheet

*Please wear sneakers for gym tomorrow. 

*There is no show and tell tomorrow due to First Friday Mass and Gym class.

Fun Friday – Have a great weekend!


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February Newsletter

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we welcome February, we also welcome another fun filled month of learning for your little one! This month we will first and foremost, continue growing in our faith as we learn all about St. Valentine and the Lenten season. Other topics that will be covered include dental hygiene, measurement, President’s Day, and the concept of more or less as we will also start our work on simple addition.

Additionally, we will practice our story elements of author, character, and setting and of course continue learning our numbers (1-2 a week), letters (1 each week), and sight words (2-3 each week).

February is also very special for our Pre-K family, as we will be celebrating our 100th day of school together! I cannot believe how quickly the year is going! Their continued growth and hard work of each of your children truly makes me very proud to be their teacher!

If you have any questions or concerns, as always, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

All the best,  

Ms. Aceste


Important Dates  

February 4th – Home Academy Meeting 7pm/Winter Concert

February 7th – First Friday 9 am Mass

February 17th – 21st –Midwinter Break: School Closed

February 25th – Candy Sale Begins

February 26th – Our 100th day of school! (details to follow)

February 28th – Family Fun Night


We are Superheroes!

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Since Pre-K4 109 are super students our entire Catholic Schools Week was superhero themed! On Student Appreciation Day we were able to go through Superhero academy, earn certificates, and become official superheros ourselves, earning our own capes and masks! We’re here to save the day! 

January 27th-31st

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Catholic Schools Week 2020


This week’s sight words to be reviewed each night: 

up, away


Marvelous Monday – name writing worksheet and letter M worksheet.

*Tomorrow is Crazy Hat Day. Wear your craziest hat!

Terrific Tuesday – number 11-12 review worksheet and up/away sight word.

*Tomorrow is Jersey Day! Wear your favorite sport team’s jersey!

Wonderful Wednesday – Counting superheros worksheet and The Incredibles letter review worksheet.

*Tomorrow is School Spirit Day! Wear our school colors!

*Library is tomorrow. Please bring in your book if you would like to borrow a new one. 

Thoughtful Thursday – sight word review coloring sheet and groundhog connect the dots worksheet.

*Please wear sneakers for gym tomorrow. 

*Please bring in your favorite superhero or something that begins with the letter M for show and tell tomorrow.

*Tomorrow is Teacher Switch Day! For the first 2 periods of the day, Ms. Baumgarten will be teaching Pre-K4 109. 

Fun Friday – Have an amazing weekend! 

*Magic family fun night is tonight.


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