School Closure Work

Hello First Graders and Parents,

Below is a list of all the assignments included in the packet for this week (3/16-3/20):

Description of Assignments:

  • Social Studies
    • Bedroom Map Project (explanation attached in packet)
  • Science
    • Create Your Own Plant Project (explanation attached in packet)
    • Draw or create using craft/household items
    • Attach creation to construction paper to support any glued items
  • Math
    • Find the sum
    • Doubles Facts–Real life examples
    • Fact Families
    • Math Workbook Review pages: p. 268, p. 271, and p. 272
  • ELA
    • Opinion writing–Which bug is scarier?
    • Opinion writing– Would you rather have cats or dogs?
    • Opinion writing–What is your opinion on sharks?
      • Opinion sentence starters attached in packet
      • Responses should be at least 3 sentences!
    • Bossy r word searches
      • Please also review r controlled vowel words; practice reading, spelling, etc.
    • Cause & Effect– Cut and Paste
    • Cause & Effect– Chain Reactions
    • Cause & Effect– Graphic Organizer to Write Your Own
      • Read a book of your choice. Write 3 cause and effects from the story. Make sure you write the title of the book.
    • Grammar Workbook: p. 103, p. 104 and p. 105 (adjectives: words used to tell about/describe nouns)
  • Religion
    • Read and Draw Bible Verses
    • St. Patrick Questions
    • Think about and discuss your Lenten promise with your family

Please Note:

*check your email for the PDF version of this week’s assignments 

*make sure to check your email for an upcoming newsletter about more online assignments