September 9

K106 Homework

Hello Parents!  This week in ELA, we will begin Unit 1 and we will be reading about families. We will be answering questions and responding to stories.  

In Math, we will begin learning about sorting objects based on color, size and shape. 

In Religion, we will learn how we can praise God and find the good in everything that God created.  

In science, we will be learning about engineers solving problems and solutions. 

In Social Studies, we will do different activities about what defines a good citizen.

Kind Regards, Ms. Barreca



Tuesday: Home Academy Meeting: 6:45-8:15 pm

Principal Welcome 6:45

Visit 1- 7:00, Visit 2- 7:25 or Visit 3- 7:50 

 Wednesday: 9/11- Mass at 9:00 am, Memorial Ceremony 

This week’s homework


•    ELA: Write two “I am” sentences and draw a picture for each one, for example, I am Laura, I am in Kindergarten. 

•    Math: Workbook p. 9



•    ELA: Family Worksheet 

•    Math: Workbook p.10



•    ELA: Family Worksheet

•    Math: Workbook p.11



•    ELA: Family Worksheet

•    Math: Workbook p.12



•   Handwriting: Worksheet letters I,L,T

•    Math: Workbook p.13